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Yoshiaki Shimura

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Yoshiaki Shimura


Master of Engineering, Environmental Engineering, School of Environment, Resources and Development in 1987
Bachelor of Engineering, Department of Urban Engineering, the University of Tokyo, Japan

Working Experience in JFE Engineering Corporation:

April 2013            Executive Assistant, Contract Administration, Overseas Business Sector

April 2011            General Manager of Administration Department, Overseas Business Sector

April 2009            Senior Contract Coordinator of Regional Planning & Coordination Department

August 2005        Senior Project Coordinator of SSWJ Project (32 inch×270km Gas Pipeline Project in Sumatra, Indonesia)

April 1997            Environmental Group Leader of Sakhalin Pipeline Project (Feasibility Study of approximate 1,400 km gas pipeline from Sakhalin to Japan)

April 1996            Project Coordinator of Malaysia Integrated Steel Mill Project (Feasibility Study of integrated steel mill with Malaysian Government)

April 1991            Assistant Manager/Manager for technical service in respect of water steel pipeline and gas pipeline

June 1987            Deputy Project Manager/Project Manager of Sandakan Water Supply Extension Scheme Stage I Phase III in Sabah, Malaysia

August 1985        Studying environmental engineering in master course at Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand

April 1978            Join in Kawasaki Steel Corporation (a former name of JFE Engineering Corporation)