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Masanori DANZUKA

posted Sep 30, 2014, 10:38 PM by Alumni Affairs| Office of Advancement ‎(OADV)‎
Masanori DANZUKA

Present position/ title: 
- General Manager, Overseas Operation Division, Chiyoda Corporation

How AIT degree helped you in achieving your career potential/goals
- Communication based on common language (English)/ appreciation of different culture background……all these actual experience in the AIT campus helped a lot for my career development

- The 1st Class Civil Engineering Works Execution Managing Engineer
- Member of Project Management Institute

Career/Accomplishment record after graduation from AIT:
- Joined Chiyoda Corporation, 1985
- Lead civil engineer, 1989
- Manager, 1994
- Construction Manager, 1998
- Engineering Manager, 2005
- Project Manager, 2008
- General Manager, 2011