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posted Aug 21, 2014, 11:14 PM by Advancement Alumni Affairs Office   [ updated Aug 21, 2014, 11:17 PM ]

Present position/ title: Former Executive Director, Institute of Water Modelling

(IWM) and now Consultant to IWM


How AIT degree helped you in achieving your career potential/goals

Mathematical Hydraulic Modelling was the thesis in my graduate program. I was inspired to work closely with the Government and development partner (DANIDA) in the institutionalization of ongoing TA project for National water planning using mathematical models to an independent non-profit Institute called IWM. IWM has been greatly contributing to the research and development planning of riverine Bangladesh in the sustainable water resources management developing various scenarios optimizing impact assessment.  

Education/qualifications: M Eng. (WRE, 1980), Post graduate Diploma in Management, Denmark

Career/Accomplishment record after graduation from AIT:

I started my career as a Water Resources Management Engineer in 1970, under Bangladesh Water Development Board. Acquired field management of coastal polders, major irrigation project, flood management of Brahmaputra right embankment, Gumti and Meghna Dhanogoda. With a break for higher studies in 1978 leading to M Engg at AIT, with specialization on Numerical Modelling of Unsteady Flow Covering Flood Plain and Coast, resumed works in the design, and then moved to Joint Rivers Commission and Flood Action Plan. Later joined as Deputy Team Leader of Flood Action Plan (FAP 25) under COWI on lien from BWDB and worked closely in the development of Flood Hydrology Study (FHS), Flood Modelling and Management (FMM) and coordinated the model development at SWMC for the regional studies and later became a member of SWMC in 1994 when the institutionalization process of the ten year long Danida supported TA was looking for a home where the models can be housed and it can render subsequent support. SWMC Trust was the choice that came into being in 1997 and I continued my journey with SWMC as its leader and later with IWM in 2002 as the Chief Executive until I retired in January, 2011.

It was a wonderful experience to serve IWM, with a team of dedicated hydraulic Engineering professionals, serving for flood management and flood forecasting, drainage and irrigation, river training and dredging, surface and ground water assessment, climate change and storm surge, land reclamation and delta development, river training and navigational route management, reservoir operation and dam release, basin and coastal zone management and so on. Workshop, training, HRD and R&D, participation as national delegate at bilateral negotiations were common on the agenda. Representing the nation at international conference or delivering lecture at renowned global institutions was both exciting and rewarding.

Had been Member of Joint Rivers Commission, represented the nation at most of the global conferences, was identified as the most successful institution developer in the high tech area of a third world country by the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh.

IWM has housed about 125 highly qualified professionals, support bilateral/multilateral research with international Universities, develop appropriate tools for sustainable development and assists international development partners with data and information in the selection of projects for funding.

Contribution in the seminars and symposium on water and water supply management, climate change adaptation and institutional management are some of the current activities. Many of these development might not happen had I not been at AIT. IWM has greatly relieved the national Government in receiving expatriate input that in place are available with IWM including post project support. Made potential contribution to AIT Chapter of Bangladesh being President.