AIS-R Mission 
As a school committed to excellence, we will educate and inspire our students to be responsible, productive and ethical global citizens with the skills and passion to think creatively, reason critically, communicate effectively and learn continuously.  We will accomplish this in an American educational environment characterized by high measurable standards and a clearly defined, appropriately interrelated college preparatory curriculum, implemented by a superior staff in partnership with students, parents, and the community.

AIS-R Definition of Global Citizenship
An AIS-R global citizen possesses the understandings, skills, values, and mindset to take meaningful action in creating a more inclusive, sustainable, and peaceful world.

Eagle Honor Code
AIS-R is a school that honors and promotes respect for others, inclusiveness, individual differences, and appropriate behavior.  We believe that ethics and values are essential in a principled community, and expect behavior that upholds the dignity and self-worth of all community members. In order to reinforce these beliefs, AIS-R has defined what it means to be an AIS-R Eagle: Ethical, Adaptable, Global, Learning, and Environmental.  AIS-R students are expected to live these dispositions and avoid behaviors that are inconsistent with their spirit and meaning.  Together, these five overarching characteristics comprise AIS-R’s Honor Code, and students are reminded of this code in many different ways throughout the year.

The goal of the AIS-R Honor Code is to “educate and inspire our students to be responsible, productive, and ethical global citizens,” perhaps one of the most important components of AIS-R’s Mission.  Parents and students are encouraged to discuss the AIS-R Honor Code on their own, and to always strive to be an AIS-R Eagle no matter where life takes you.  More detailed information regarding AIS-R’s Honor Code and expectations may be found in this handbook.

I am an AIS-R Eagle, therefore I am...


→ I am honest
→ I make good choices
→ I am empathetic
→ I stand up for the rights of others
→ I demonstrate academic integrity


→ I am open to multiple possibilities
→ I take responsible risks
→ I am cooperative and collaborative
→ I welcome constructive feedback
→ I am a leader and a follower


→ I respect and seek to understand others
→ I am compassionate
→ I accept cultural differences
→ I know and honor the customs of our host country
→ I take meaningful action to create amore inclusive, sustainable and peaceful world


→ I am inquisitive, persistent and reflective
→ I seek opportunities to improve
→ I reason critically
→ I communicate effectively
→ I think creatively


→ I am responsible
→ I reduce, reuse and recycle
→ I advocate for sustainable practices
→ I am a model of wellness and healthy living
→ I care for our community and planet