Policies and Procedures

Parent Conduct and Communicating Concerns

When faced with a potentially concerning situation, parents are asked to be proactive, communicate effectively and keep in mind AIS-R's uniqueness and independence as a school entering its 56th year in existence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We recognize that not all parents will understand every policy or school rule, but ask that parents follow the appropriate channel of communication and ask questions or submit suggestions to AIS-R faculty and administration in an open, constructive and positive manner at the appropriate time and place.

Classroom concerns should first be directed to the teacher who is most closely involved with understanding and assisting with a parent concern. When a concern has not been adequately resolved to a parent's satisfaction, they may then be addressed with the respective principal, in the child's designated division. If a parent is seeking advice about a broader issue or concern, s/he may seek the counsel of the Director of Educational Advancement. If a problem is not resolved to a parent's satisfaction, the issue may then be addressed to the Superintendent, but only after the parent has first gone through the appropriate channels of communication (i.e. addressed with the AIS-R employee most directly related to the concern, and the principal thereafter). Concerns relating to School Board Policy may be addressed in written form to the Superintendent, who will forward the concern to the Board of Trustees for consideration. AIS-R does not accept anonymous letters, chain letters, or petitions as these would contravene Board Policy and Saudi Arabian law.

Parents as Role-Models

While AIS-R strongly encourages parents to attend events on campus, such as Back-to-School Nights, Parent-Teacher Conferences, assemblies, sporting events or performances, it should be noted that AIS-R expects parents to be positive role models at all times while on campus, especially when in the presence of students. Furthermore, parents are expected to adhere to and support all AIS-R rules and policies as detailed by the AIS-R Board of Trustees, Leadership Team, Partnership for Successand Student-Parent Handbooks, especially in relation to student absences, dress code, expected student behavior, campus visitation and operating hours.

At AIS-R, we are committed to nurturing a relevant and dynamic community partnership. We believe that purposeful interaction, meaningful connection and an exchange of constructive ideas will enhance the AIS-R learning experience for all. For a comprehensive list for how we invite parents into the learning conversation, please review A Parents Guide to Engaging with AIS-R's Learning Community.

Parent EAGLE Behavior and Addressing Concerns With AIS-R Faculty Members and Staff

Following the above “AIS-R Communication Flowchart,” parents may address concerns with AIS-R faculty members through email or a scheduled meeting. At no time should an AIS-R faculty member be approached to address concerns during instructional time with students or outside of school hours unless appropriately scheduled.

At all times, AIS-R parents are required to act in a respectful and positive mission-driven "partnership" in solving a problem or issue. As valued community members, AIS-R expects all parents to adhere to the principles of the AIS-R Eagle Honor Code and Board Policy as acknowledged and signed via the Partnership for Success during the admissions process. If a parent chooses to act or react in a manner that does not uphold these values and principles, the teacher, principal or Superintendent will cease the interaction and/or meeting and reschedule to another date when the parent is able to act in a manner that is consistent with expectations of the organization. Positive, respectful communication is always the primary focus of all meetings between parents and AIS-R employees.

If a parent repeatedly chooses to behave in a manner that does not honor AIS-R's values and principles, and/or is not in line with Board policy, they will be subject to a Superintendent and Board of Trustees review, which could result in a written censure or termination of their child's enrollment at AIS-R. As a private, independent school, the AIS-R Board has the right to determine enrollment continuation or termination of any family who does not follow school expectations. Past instances of immediate action have included issues of slander (i.e. making false and damaging statements against an employee or community member), malicious gossip, and harmful acts and accusations that negatively impact the reputation of the school. As a matter of process, the Superintendent will review and assess the situation and inform the Board accordingly with details of the misconduct, to include a recommendation.

After School Activities (ASA's), After School Learning (ASL's) & Staying After School 

Students may only stay after school with parent written confirmation to the respective teacher (24 hour notice required) and/or ES Office.

The After School Activities Program offers a wide range of activities for students in Grades 1-5.  Most of the activities are designed by individual teachers and are aimed at specific grade levels. These activities are in areas of sports and recreation, arts and crafts, computers, drama, and enrichment. The minimum number of participants in an ASA is 10. We are proud to share that we have over 300 students participating in ASA's each trimester and strive to offer high-engaging and high-interest ASA's and therefore, an ASA with less than 10 students will be cancelled.  If there are not 10 students in the ASA, it will be cancelled. The opportunity for your child to participate in an alternative ASA may be possible but limited due to occupancy. 

Information regarding this exciting program will be issued to the students periodically throughout the school year. Confirmation of student enrollment in an ASA is communicated to the parents after all required documentation from ES Office has been completed and submitted (i.e. ASA Sign-up, Transportation Confirmation, Contact Number). Transportation at 4:20pm is the responsibility of parents. Some compounds provide bus transportation for ASA days.  

At times, a teacher may require a student to stay after school for ASL. In such cases, the respective teacher will communicate with the parents. Written confirmation from parents is required before a student may stay for ASL at least 24 hours in advance.  

If a student’s transportation is continually late, the student may be withdrawn from the ASA program.

The following procedures are followed for all students staying after school:
    • Gates remain open from 3:30-3:45 and MS/HS students may come and go during this time

      • ES students do not come back onto campus unless supervised by a parent

      • Those ES students who forget a personal belonging, such as lunchbox, water bottle, iPad will collect their belonging the next school day. It is important that the student informs an ES Administrator or his/her HR teacher if a belonging is left behind.

    • All after school activities and ASL’s begin at 3:45

    • Students must remain in their supervised location from 3:45-4:20 and/or 3:45-5:00

      • ES Students dismiss at 4:20 and are escorted to dismissal gates by their after school supervisor

      • MS/HS Students dismiss at 4:20 or 5:00 and all athletic teams are escorted by their coach

    • At 4:20 and/or 5:00 dismissal, students are supervised at the dismissal gates

      • Any students exiting the main gate and are waiting for an older sibling, must wait in the Student Waiting Area

Animals/Pets in the Classroom

Bringing a Pet From Home
Students are discouraged from bringing home pets to spend the day at school and may only do so with ES Administration permission and under extenuating circumstances. Parents must be in attendance and accompany the child's pet at all times.  An animal brought from home cannot be on campus for more than 30 minutes. No poisonous or biting animals are permissible on campus at any time. Any animal bite should be reported to the school nurse immediately.

AIS-R Campus Classroom Pets and Eagle Eco-Center Animals
Our learning environments support the natural curiosity of our AIS-R Eagles and therefore incorporates natural elements such as plants, soil/sand, flowers, and fruits/vegetables as well as the care for several live animals of different species to include but not limited to birds, lizards, and small mammals (guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, etc.). Should a child be allergic in such conditions, accommodations may be possible within our program parameters, but cannot be guaranteed. Modifications to the program such as removal and/or relocation of an animal(s)/natural elements (during student attendance) cannot be accommodated.

Backpack-free Zones

Our PreK, Kg1, and Kg2 pods are backpack free. The ES curricular program for our early years no longer requires students to have a backpack. The program embraces an emerging curriculum that is center-based and developmentally appropriate for our youngest Eagles. For this reason, “projects” and/or “activities” will no longer be sent home. Additionally, the removal of backpacks and the storage they require provides more indoor learning space. To carry healthy snacks to and from home, canvas tote bags may be purchased from the Eagle’s Nest.

Birthdays and Special Events

If a homeroom teacher schedules a special activity, the teacher will notify the parents in advance. If parents determine that a child should not participate in any of these activities, parents should notify the homeroom teacher and alternative activities may be arranged. To honor our AIS-R EAGLE Honor Code and “being models of healthy living” the following Healthy Birthday Guidelines are enforced:
  • Birthdays will only be celebrated during snack/recess or the last 15 minutes of homeroom and are kept simple. No birthday celebrations are permitted in the Dining Hall or other shared, common space and no outside entertainment is allowed.
  • Birthday celebrations do not include food 
Should a birthday celebration/event be calendared outside the school day and a parent/child wishes to deliver birthday invitations at school, we ask that invitations are delivered to friends at the end of the school day, at dismissal, and done so respectfully and with care should not all friends/classmates be invited.

The celebration of birthdays takes many different forms:

    • My child will come to school wearing a special birthday hat
      • My child will come to school wearing a special birthday shirt
        • The class and teacher to sing Happy Birthday with my child
          • A picture of my child with the class on the classroom blog
            • I will send my child with a “special something” for show ‘n tell with the class (no individual party favors/bags please and no food of any kind)

            Calendared Events (Closed and Open)

            • Calendared "open" events throughout the school year include but may not be limited to grade level learning celebrations, ECE Fall Celebration, and You, Me, Community Day, MS/HS performances, and PTSO sponsored events. For these events, save the date, parent invites, RSVP's, tickets, and/or blog posts are shared with parents. 
            • Calendared "closed" events throughout the year include but may not be limited to UN Day Celebration, Eagle Spirit Assemblies, and K-12 video projects. "Closed" campus events are for AIS-R personnel and students only. For many "closed" events we have student performers. AIS-R video records many of it's events. Videos are accessible via AIS-R's YouTube channel.   

            Campus Access

            For safety and security issues, the AIS-R campus, exclusive of shared facilities with Al-Bustan Village, cannot be accessed by students, or their families for any reason other than official AIS-R school business beyond school operating hours. Outside of school hours, AIS-R is not responsible for the safety of individuals on the AIS-R campus.  AIS-R school hours are defined 8:10-4:20 from Sunday to Thursday, in addition to the scheduled hours of any AIS-R sponsored event such as, but not limited to, sporting events, PTSO events, performances, testing, etc.
            • Parental Access During the School Day:
              • When entering campus, parents will be required to use their official AIS-R ID. While parents are encouraged to “Learn With Us” and are welcome on campus to participate in organized events, we kindly request that they not interrupt classroom activities, recess/break times, or participate in student lunch time in any way.  
              • Beyond organized events, parents must call ahead or report to the respective divisional office and schedule appointments to access AIS-R faculty and/or staff members. During school hours, parents may not access their child without notifying the divisional office and receiving permission from the divisional Principal as this tends to be disruptive to the learning environment. This will allow AIS-R to maintain a high level of student safety, focused learning, and campus security.
            • Rules for Entering and Exiting Al Bustan/AIS-R Internal Gates:
              • Non-Al Bustan residents, including AIS-R students and parents (who do not live at Al Bustan), may not pass through the AIS-R/Al Bustan internal gate at any time. Permission to enter Al Bustan via the AIS-R gate will not be issued by Al Bustan security, nor will AIS-R permit access to Al Bustan through the AIS-R gate.  
              • Should Al Bustan residents wish to invite non-Al Bustan guests to visit, they must complete the standard procedures to have guests arrive at, and pass through, the Al Bustan main gate. This means that non-Al Bustan residents must arrange transport from the AIS-R parking lot to travel around to the Al Bustan main gate and proceed through the standard guest and security protocol.  
            • Gate Message for Parents:
            In our continued efforts to provide a safe learning environment for all of our Eagle Community Members, the following will be strictly enforced for ALL visitors to the AIS-R Campus.
              • All parent visitors are required to sign in and out at times other than drop-off/pick-up of students and school events
              • All parent visitors are required to wear a lanyard at all times other than drop-off/pick-up of students and school events
              • All parent visitors must have an appointment to meet with AIS-R personnel (e.g. teacher, school principal) to enter campus
              • All parent visitors will be accompanied by AIS-R personnel at all times while on campus
              • All parent visitors wait in the designated waiting areas until personnel are available to escort and/or until dismissal pick-up of students
            As you know, safety and security is a number one priority. We thank you for your patience and understanding as the well-being of our Eagles is a responsibility we take very seriously!

            Child Protection Policy and Mental Health Protocol

            AIS-R supports child advocacy rights and protection.  Reports of maltreatment will be taken seriously and investigated.  Maltreatment is defined as physical, sexual, and verbal abuse or neglect.  Local authorities and/or parent employers/sponsor will be notified if maltreatment is verified.  Please be a responsible citizen and notify the school principal if you are aware of a child being mistreated.  Early counseling, guidance, and intervention can stop child maltreatment. AIS-R has a child protection policy that is strictly enforced.  AIS-R has developed an education program for students, faculty and parents that supports our commitment to child protection in our community. 
            The ES Curriculum includes the following lessons: 
            • Personal Safety: Students will learn about safety and ways to help them decide when something is safe and when something is not safe.
            • Touching Safety: Students will learn about safe, unsafe and unwanted touches and rules about touching private body parts. They’ll also learn about ways to say no to unsafe or unwanted touches and to tell an adult if someone breaks rules about touching private body parts.  
            • Assertiveness: Students will learn and practice how to ask an adult for help, tell an adult about an unsafe situation and be assertive to get out of an unsafe situation.    
            For further details regarding our child protection policy and/or our child protection education, please visit our Child Protection handbook

            When a child demonstrates a mental health concern (i.e.  depression, psychosis, dissociation, suicide ideation, self-harm) or there is reasonable cause to believe that a child is in danger of themselves or others, the concerned adult/student will seek advice from the teacher/counselor/administration. Any report or other action must be kept confidential. In all cases, follow-up is conducted in a manner that ensures that information is documented factually and that strict confidentiality is maintained. The following procedure will be enacted by the counselor and/or administration:

            1. Ensure student of concern is safe (may require one-to-one adult supervision)

            2. Interview adults/students as necessary and document relevant information

            3. Consult with school personnel to review the child’s history in school

            4. Report status of case to superintendent

            5. Dependent of level of concern as determined in collaboration with the counselor, principal, and superintendent, a required Educational Psychological Evaluation may be requested at anytime to ensure the safety and well being of all Eagles. The requested Educational Psychological Evaluation may determine re-entry to AIS-R.

            Classroom Gifts

            AIS-R does not endorse the distribution of classroom gifts, goodie bags, books, etc. This applies to not only teachers "gifting" students but also students/parents "gifting" other students and is specific to only when a student/parent wishes to provide children in the class a gift or a teacher wishes to provide each child in his/her class a gift. This is not applicable to the distribution of letters, invitations, and/or cards.

            Closed Campus

            AIS-R is a “closed” campus so as to ensure that we meet the highest standards of safety and security as per expectations from our CIS-NEASC Accreditors and the US Embassy. In the unique context of Saudi Arabia, we welcome community members and visitors on campus on a regular basis for a range of functions (parent teacher conferences, events, learning celebrations, performances, etc.), but we do expect that everyone entering our campus follow AIS-R’s Child Protection protocols and security screening procedures. This means that visitors to the campus are supervised by AIS-R employees when around children and they have gone through a security process. Visitors and community members are limited to certain areas of the school so as not to interrupt student learning and activities. Moreover, everyone on campus is expected to wear an identifiable AIS-R lanyard - specific to their role/responsibility (i.e. all faculty and staff wear a blue lanyard, all visitors wear a yellow lanyard, all volunteers wear a pink lanyard) for the safety and security of our AIS-R Eagles (some exceptions apply during drop-off and pickup times). Anyone visiting the AIS-R campus may do so by appointment or invitation.  


            As as school committed to the safety and well being of all our AIS-R Eagles, AIS-R Elementary School has strict protocols for dismissal procedures: 
            • Students may only change their dismissal procedures with parent *written confirmation to the respective teacher and/or ES Office
              • For families that arrange after school playdates, all respective teachers must be notified prior to dismissal. *Written confirmation is required from all involved parents/families. 
            • Students are only permitted to dismiss through their designated gate unless parent written confirmation to the respective teacher and/or ES Office
              • At no time may a non-resident of Al Bustan be permitted to dismiss through AIS-R's Al Bustan gate
            *Written confirmation must be from the guardian and email address listed in Skyward.  

            Dress Code

            AIS-R takes pride in the appearance of its students.  We know that student dress and appearance are directly related to school atmosphere, student conduct and the quality of schoolwork. In keeping with the traditions and customs of the host country, modesty in school attire must be maintained.  It is impossible to develop guidelines for every fad regarding dress and appearance.  Please use the following guidelines in selecting appropriate clothing and determining a suitable appearance for your child.
            • Clothing worn to school must be clean, well-maintained and loose fitting.  Boys and girls must keep pants on their hips without bare midriff or buttocks exposed.  Modesty must prevail.
            • Clothing must be without rips, tears, or holes.
            • Clothing that displays offensive or distracting pictures or words or adult advertising will not be permitted.  Clothes should be age appropriate!
            • Shirts, blouses or dresses must have sleeves that cover the shoulders and upper arms. (Gr.3-5)
            • Shorts, dresses or skirts may be no higher than the top of the knee (Gr.3-5).
            • For safety, students should wear secure footwear to school.  Shoes that stay on the feet are best for play and running at school.
            • Caps and hats may be worn outside and removed once inside the school buildings.  Sunscreen is highly recommended!
            • ALL Students Kg2-Gr. 5 are required to wear the designated AIS-R ES WHF uniform on days in which they have WHF. ES WHF uniforms can be purchased from the Eagle’s Nest.
            In general, these dress guidelines are in place both to conform to our host country’s traditions and to maintain an academic learning climate for our school. Students with dress or appearance that does not conform to these guidelines will not be permitted to attend class. The school administration reserves the right to make the final decision on any questions regarding appropriate dress or appearance. Parent support and understanding for the above guidelines is needed and greatly appreciated.

            Eagle’s Nest

            The Eagle’s Nest is a school-sponsored store that sells a variety of school-related items including school PE uniforms, book bags, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pencils, notebooks, water bottles, and other miscellaneous items. Store hours are posted on Moodle. Elementary school students are welcome to make purchases at the Eagle’s Nest but must be accompanied by an adult. All ES PE Uniforms are sold in the Eagle's Nest. For further details, please see Eagle's Nest Rules, Expectations and FAQs for ES.

            Elevator Usage

            Elevator usage is restricted to only those individuals who have authorization from school administration.  Authorization will be granted based on individual health necessities.

            Field Trips

            Curriculum-related field trips are organized during the year. School faculty chaperone students on such trips.  Parent volunteers may join if requested by the school staff organizing the trip. Students must ride in the provided school transportation to and from the field trip. All students must be picked up from school after a field trip and not from the field trip location. For a student to attend a field trip, all necessary forms must be signed and submitted 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. A child may not be given permission to attend due to behavior concerns, academic concerns, excessive absences, or late submission of the required documentation. Additionally, there may also be extenuating health concerns that may require parental field trip supervision/attendance or restrict a child from attending a field trip. In such cases, the parents will be notified to join the field trip with the child at least one week prior to the departure date. If a parent is unable to participate in the field trip, the school must be notified 48 hours prior to departure to determine how best to move forward in the safety and health of the child, which may result in the child unable to participate. The homeroom teacher and ES Administration have the final say on whether a child can participate in a field trip due to any (or all) of the aforementioned concerns. 

            Gate Pass

            An AIS-R Gate Pass is required for any student leaving campus during the school day (i.e. dentist appointment, etc.). An AIS-R Gate Pass must be collected from the ES Office and no student may leave campus during the school day without written parent confirmation. A student leaving campus during the school day will meet their adult pick-up in the ES Office. A student may leave campus early with an adult who is registered in Skyward and listed as a guardian. 


            For emergency purposes, the AIS-R ES Guardianship FORM must be completed prior to parents traveling or being away from home. The form is found on the ES blog, http://blogs.ais-r.edu.sa/jcanar/, for parent(s) to sign and grant temporary guardianship to another adult when the parent(s) is out of the city/country.  Parents must complete this form to ensure that the ES Office and HR teacher are properly informed of an alternative caretaker.  The appointed guardian must sign the form and submit to the ES Office before the date of travel.  

            Inclement Weather - Indoor Recess and/or Indoor WHF

            At times, weather may require indoor recess and/or indoor WHF. These weather conditions may include but are not limited to dust storms, air quality, lightening, and rain. Should the Director of Facilities, in collaboration with the K-12 Health Office Personnel and Divisional Principals decide indoor recess/WHF as determined by weather reports, accompanying school decisions, RSO recommendation, AIR Visual app, and observations all teachers will be communicated with accordingly and supervision/classes adapted to indoor play/class. Indoor recess/WHF will only apply to the conditions of the inclement weather.

            Language Policy

            English is the primary language of instruction at AIS-R. As a result, students are expected to speak English while at school to be mindful of our community’s shared common language.  We believe that language plays a central role in not only the academic, but also the social and cognitive development of our students.  We also believe that language plays a significant role in the development of community identity and inclusion.  

            Lost and Found

            Parents are requested to clearly label their student’s belongings (i.e. clothing, book bag, lunch container, water bottle) with the name and grade to facilitate the return of missing items. Unclaimed Lost and Found items are donated to charitable agencies.
            On Campus Events

            Guests for AIS-R Events

            Guests other than immediate family members can attend AIS-R events.  However, we have a one AIS-R student, one guest policy.  Requests to bring a guest must be submitted to the divisional principal a minimum of three days before the event.  The inviting family must attend with the guest and stay with the guest while on campus.  

            Harassment and Threats

            Harassment and Threats mean written, verbal or physical conduct that adversely affects the ability of a member of our community to participate in or benefit from the school’s educational programs or activities because the conduct is so severe, persistent, pervasive, and/or dangerous. This includes conduct that is based on an actual or perceived race, color, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion or any other distinguishing characteristics. This also includes association with a person or group with one or more of the abovementioned characteristics, whether actual or perceived. 

                • Cases that fall within AIS-R’s Harassment and Threats clause follow the same guidelines as listed in our Child Protection Handbook.

                • Harassment and/or threat against the school and/or an AIS-R teacher may be subject to the following consequences: an apology, counseling, compensation, disciplinary action, misconduct proceedings, suspension or expulsion. Such cases are managed by the divisional principal in consultation with the Superintendent. The Superintendent reserves the right of final decision.

                • A required Educational Psychological Evaluation may be requested at anytime to ensure the safety and well being of all Eagles. The requested Educational Psychological Evaluation may determine re-entry to AIS-R.

            Field Trips

            Students participating in a field trip must have all documentation returned by the communicated deadline (permission slip, medical form, etc.). AIS-R transportation is used for all field trips that are off-campus (excluding field trips to Al Bustan facilities). All students must travel to and from a field trip location using AIS-R transportation. A student may not attend a field trip if the aforementioned documentation is not provided. A student may be restricted from a field trip due to behavioral concerns. In such matters, the respective parents and student are informed accordingly by either the Homeroom teacher, ELAC, Assistant Principal, and/or Principal.  All students are expected to Give their Eagle BEST and Be their Eagle BEST on a field trip. Should a student not demonstrate Eagle behaviors, consequences will be administered. 

            Filming events
            Student assemblies, performances, and events may be recorded by AIS-R and a copy of this footage may be available on request.  Adult guests for student assemblies and performances are permitted to take video recordings of the performance solely for their own use and enjoyment.  We ask that video recordings of student performances not be posted on the Internet or video sharing and social networking sites.

            Middle School/High School performances/events: Attending an Event in Another Division

            Cross-Divisional Event Student Attendance - During the School Day:

              • In order to attend a siblings performance, the following guidelines must be followed:
                • The parent must contact the respective office(s) and give permission
                • The duration of the performance must not exceed 60 minutes  
                • All ES and MS students must be accompanied by an adult
                  • ES students do not attend a siblings ES Assembly performance unless the sibling was absent on the day of the dress rehearsal
                • The respective division must be notified of the additional attendance and give permission. At times, seating is limited
                • All students must sign-out and sign-in from their respective office 

              Cross-Divisional Event Student Attendance - After the School Day or in the Evening: 
              • Theater Performance: Tickets must be purchased for all MS/HS performance from the respective divisional office prior to the event.  All ES Students must be accompanied by an AIS-R school parent.
              • Athletics Event: All ES Students must be accompanied by an AIS-R school parent. 

              Prayer Room

              ES provides a supervised prayer area for students wishing to pray. Prayer is permitted during non-academic times only.

              Proper Storage of Modes of Transportation

              Bicycles, roller blades, wagons, skateboards, scooters (or any wheeled vehicle) are not permitted on the AIS-R campus, unless as part of an authorized school activity.  All bikes must be appropriately stowed and locked in the designated bike racks outside the AIS-R school gate.  All non-lockable modes of transportation need to remain at home. AIS-R will not be responsible for lost or damaged modes of transportation.

              Ramadan Schedule and Fasting

              Please refer HERE for the Ramadan Schedule and communicate with your child’s homeroom teacher should your child be fasting. The AIS-R ES Learning Commons is available during snack and lunch for fasting students. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s homeroom teacher. Our Wellness, Health, and Fitness and Performing Arts programs are adjusted to ensure that students who are fasting can continue to participate but do so with minimal exertion


              Emergency drills are held during the school year to practice procedures and behavior necessary in emergency situations. Specific routes for entering and exiting the school have been established and both parents and students are expected to follow these routes at drop-off and pick-up (unless escorted by AIS-R ES Office personnel). Additionally, AIS-R enforces a strict "Closed Campus" to ensure that all students and staff are safe at all times. 

              Student Placement

              It is the practice of AIS-R elementary school to observe newly enrolled and placed students closely for at least three weeks to determine whether she/he has been appropriately placed.  If a teacher, counselor, and/or administration feel the grade placement is not appropriate or the AIS-R program does not meet the child’s needs, the school reserves the right to review the case for possible reassignment or “no program”.

              Student Supplies and AIS-R Resource Center (ARC)

              Supplies are needed prior to the first day of school for students in PreK to Gr.5. A supply list is available in the ES office, Admissions office, and the aisr.org website.  When required, supplies such as writer’s notebooks, book bags, and music recorders will be purchased through the respective teacher, and you will be charged accordingly. The school provides textbooks, workbooks, materials and some supplies necessary for instruction.  Students are expected to care for them as if they were their own and are liable for loss. 
              • AIS-R Resource Center (ARC):
                • In an effort to continue to offer our students the necessary resources for their learning, AIS‐R has established a digital resource inventory system to keep track of borrowed textbooks and other resources. AIS-R has a K-12 resource room with a check‐out system and all learning resources will be checked out using this system.
                • You will be notified immediately if your child has lost a book and requires a second copy. If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair during the school year, students are responsible for paying the replacement cost. A new book cannot be checked out until the lost/damaged book is paid for. A receipt will be issued and will be required for refund purposes in case a resource is found later.  At the end of the year, all resources checked out must be returned in the same condition as they were loaned (except for normal wear). Students who check-out materials from the AIS-R Resource Center are responsible for returning the same copy at the end of the year (according to the barcodes). If a different copy is returned, the copy checked out will be considered lost unless it is found or turned in by another student. If resources are not found, fines will be assigned, report cards and school records will be held, and access to Skyward will be blocked until they are paid.

              Telephone Usage & Student Cell Phones

              Due to limited landline access, student use of school phones must be for emergency use and not to arrange personal visits with friends after school. ES Office personnel may follow-up with parents directly regarding after school playdates. Cell phones are not used during school hours, must be stored in student backpacks, and will be confiscated if used during class time and/or recess/snack/lunch. If a cell phone is confiscated by AIS-R personnel, the phone will be returned at the end of the school day. Pending the rationale of the phone being confiscated, a parent may be requested to pick-up a child's phone from school.

              Toys and Other Treasures

              Toys must stay at home unless arranged with the classroom teacher for “show-and-tell.”  Knives of any kind, toy guns, squirt guns, or sharp objects do not belong at school at any time.  All personal items of value should not be sent to school, because we cannot guarantee the safety of such items.  Consequently, we discourage students from bringing special personal items to school such as electronic games, sports equipment, jewelry, fidget spinners, slime, motorized cars, etc. The school will not be held accountable for missing or broken personal items and students are not permitted to sell or trade toys.  We ask students to share their special items with friends at home and not bring them to school. If a cell phone, tablet, or other digital device is brought to school, it must remain in the child’s backpack unless being used in the classroom under teacher supervision. In this case a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Student Agreement Form has been signed and submitted by the parent.

              Visitor/Volunteer/Substitution Documentation Protocol

              All visitors, including volunteers, substitute teachers, family, alumni, community professionals, employment applicants, service providers and others, entering the American International School-Riyadh (AIS-R) must present valid photo ID and sign the Visitor Partnership Agreement agreement to indicate that they acknowledge and accept the required expectations as members of the AIS-R Community. The agreement outlines the expectations of any visitor to the AIS-R campus and is in place to promote an environment that values child and adult safeguarding practices and procedures. The agreement also serves as a guide to ensure that visitors have the context and understanding to make decisions that do not put themselves in compromising situations or scenarios.

              • All visitors are required to sign in and out at times other than drop-off/pick-up of students and school events
              • All visitors are required to wear a lanyard at all times other than drop-off/pick-up of students and school events
              • All visitors must have an appointment to meet with AIS-R personnel (e.g. teacher, school principal) to enter campus
              • All visitors will be accompanied by AIS-R personnel at all times while on campus
              • All visitors wait in the designated waiting areas until personnel are available to escort and/or until dismissal pick-up of students
              Visitors are expected to follow all customs, laws and regulations as outlined in the, Visitor Partnership Agreement , AIS-R Code of Conduct and AIS-R Community Child Protection Handbook.


              We are pleased to welcome parent volunteers in our school. All volunteers must clear security and sign-in at the ES Office and collect a “Volunteer” lanyard. All volunteers must wear their “Volunteer” lanyard at all times. Many parents work directly with the classroom teacher and volunteer numerous hours of their time. Prior to volunteering in a classroom, parents will need to make arrangements with the teacher and inform the divisional office, so as not to disrupt instructional time. Visitor cell phone use in the classroom is not permitted.  


              Parents who plan to withdraw their children from AIS-R must complete the Withdrawal Notification form found on AIS-R’s website (aisr.org) at least two weeks prior to the student’s last day of attendance. The recorded last day of attendance is when a student can no longer attend AIS-R. A withdrawn student cannot return for activities without a parent. Each withdrawing student will receive an official and unofficial final transcript, their original health form and a letter of attendance. Additional copies of official documents and Ministry of Education attestation may be ordered here.  Report cards for the child’s last completed trimester are available. No report cards are issued prior to the end of the trimester. If a student is withdrawing before the end of the 3rd trimester, a final report card will be issued if the student has been in attendance at least 20 days of the trimester. In such cases, a grade for Specialists may not be listed due to limited attendance.

              Youth, Alumni and Non-Parent Visitors To AIS-R

              After checking into campus with appropriate ID, all youth, Alumni and non-Parent visitors must report to the respective divisional office for campus access and require prior permission to visit with an AIS-R student.  Visits will only be permitted during scheduled lunch times.  Note:  See “On Campus Events” for guidelines regarding youth visitors for after school events.