Welcome to PreK-4!

Wednesday, November 18 

Dear PK4 families,

 We hope that you enjoyed virtual day yesterday because we have another fun-filled one today! For todays activities, the children will first listen to two stories and then will do an experiment.

To listen to the first story, please go to MyOn and search for the title of the book, which is Rain. 

This is the picture of the book cover. 

Before you start the experiment, please read this story with your child. The story is about a little cloud.

Great! Now we are ready for the EXPERIMENT!!!! 

The purpose of this activity is to help demonstrate how a cloud holds the water until it finally releases it in the form of rain onto the ground.

Rain Jar Experiment

Materials Needed:

-      Empty glass jar or a big glass

-      Paper towel

-      Rubber band

-     Water (optional:  Blue food color)

-      Spoon



1. Take an empty glass jar and remove the lid. Then place a paper towel on top of the glass jar and make sure to wrap a rubber band around it, so that it stays put on the jar. If you want to use food color, mix 2-3 drops of blue food color in the water.

2.  Next use a spoon to take some water and drop it on the paper towel drop by drop. As the paper towel gets heavy, the drops will fall in the jar, and your paper cloud will rain!

Warning: Your "cloud" will might rain heavily at the end of the experiment even outside the jar. Make sure your child drops the water slowly slowly on the paper towel, observes each time what is happening, and enjoys the process. As your child is doing the experiment, please make sure to ask why he/she thinks the water is not dropping in the jar immediately or why he/she thinks its falling in the jar too quickly.

As your child is doing the experiment, please take pictures or a video and send them to your childs teacher. If you have any further questions, you may email your homeroom teacher.

Enjoy your day! 


The PK4 Team

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Dear PK4 Families,


“It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring…?!!!”

Welcome to our 2nd Virtual Day. Here is what we have planned for today:


We will begin by listening to a story about Thanksgiving. The title of the story is “Happy Thanksgiving, Gus!” by Jacklyn Williams. You can find the story on myOn (please contact your homeroom teacher in case you face any difficulties logging in). After listening to the story, kindly help your child draw a picture of the one thing he/she is mostly thankful for.  Please, let your child bring his/her picture to school on Wednesday, November 18.


Our next activity is a very funny one. In the classroom we have been working a lot on sorting objects according to their attributes. First let your child collect a variety of shoes. Then help him/her sort the shoes according to their sizes, colors, and types (sport shoes, slippers, flip-flops, etc). Take a photo of the sorting every time your child finishes, and email the pictures to the homeroom teacher by Wednesday, November 18.


Remember to enjoy your day and play with the rain. It is not something we see here often …


Happy rainy day!

PK4 Team

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