The 3rd Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Security

AISec'10 will be held on October 8, 2010 in conjunction with ACM CCS (October 4-8) at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

This will be the third workshop on Security and Artificial Intelligence.

Session 1:  Wireless Security and Position Papers 1
Session Chair:  A. Cardenas (Fujitsu Laboratories)
 Pranav Krishnamoorthy and Matthew Wright. Towards Modeling the Behavior of Physical Intruders in a Region Monitored by a Wireless Sensor Network
 Zorana Bankovic, Juan Carlos Vallejo, Pedro Malagón, Jose M. Moya and Alvaro Araujo. Eliminating Routing Protocol Anomalies in Wireless Sensor Networks using AI Techniques
 Patrick Juola and Darren Vescovi. Empirical Evaluation of Authorship Obfuscation using JGAAP
  Markus Miettinen and N. Asokan. Towards Security Policy Decisions based on Context Profiling
 10:00-10:30Morning Break
 10:30-12:00 Keynote Address and Session 2
Session Chair: R. Greenstadt (Drexel University)
  Invited Keynote by Doug Tygar “Adversarial Machine Learning"
 David Richardson, Steven D. Gribble and Tadayoshi Kohno. The Limits of Automatic OS Fingerprint Generation
 12:00-13:30 Lunch
 13:30-15:30  Network Security and Position Papers 2
Session Chair: S. Dietrich (Stevens Inst. Of Technology
  Li Pu, Boi Faltings, Qiang Yang and Derek Hao Hu. Relational Network-Service Clustering Analysis with Set Evidences
  Taghrid Samak and Ehab Al-Shaer. Synthetic Security Policy Generation via Network Traffic Clustering
  Aaron Blum, Brad Wardman, Thamar Solorio and Gary Warner. Lexical Feature Based Phishing URL Detection Using Online Learning
  Markus Huber, Martin Mulazzani, Sebastian Schrittwieser and Edgar Weippl. Cheap and Automated Socio-Technical Attacks based on Social Networking Sites
  Jacob Beal, Jonathan Webb and Michael Atighetchi. Adjustable Autonomy for Cross-Domain Entitlement Decisions
 15:30-16:00 Afternoon Break
 16:00-17:00  Whirlwhind Talks and Discussion
Session Chair: TBD
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