In order to substitute in our libraries, candidates must first complete the AISD Substitute Teaching Application. Candidates must provide all required documentation for a substitute teaching position. Once candidates have been approved to substitute in AISD, they must also complete the Destiny Software Training for substitutes that is offered by Library Media Services. Typically, this training is offered once a year in early fall or on an as needed basis.

Library Media Services will be offering the next Destiny Software Training for Substitutes on: 
  • TBD- The fall 2016 semester training has already been held. If there is enough interest, another session will be scheduled sometime during the spring of 2017. 
If you are interested in attending a Destiny Software training for Substitutes session, please contact Cindy Craig at Library Media Services at 682.867.7818 to reserve your space and receive the location information for this training. This training is for new library substitutes only and space is limited.