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  • March 2011
    Dates to Remember:

        Friday, Mar. 18 - Cooking Day (K3 class only)
        MondayMar. 21 - National Holiday
        Friday, Mar. 25 - Easter Performances on Stage
        Saturday, Mar. 26 - Easter Fair
        Mar. 28 to Apr. 1 - Spring Break
        Monday, Apr. 4 - Term 3 Begins

    Easter Event:

            Easter is just around the corner! We will held the AIS Easter on March 25th (Friday). Along with this event, 
    several changes are going to be made this year.
    We will separate the performance day and the fair day (bazaar, food and games).

    Mar 25th (Friday)
    AM: Children's performance on stage.
    PM: Regular class

    Mar. 26 (Saturday)
    Easter Fair including bazaar, games and so on...


    Monthly Theme
        Jobs and Transportation
            This month, we will learn about jobs and transportation. We hope that we can motivate the students
    to figure out what they want to be when they grow up. We will enjoy doing some Easter craft as well!


    This Month's Activities
        Reading/ Writing:    D, d, G, g, F, f
                                     Blending those letters with vowels.
        Math:    Count 1-60
                    One to one correspondence 13-17
        Readiness:    Following directions.
        Theme:    Season/ Weather


    Let's Learn Together
            T-heme:     Seasons
            E-nglish:    Reading/ Writing:  
                              Simple sentences, comprehension, retelling, capitals and periods, writing numbers 60-99.
            A-rt:           Easter preparation, making props, painting.
            M-ath:        Fractions- whole and half, number words, counting by 5@s, time to the half hour.

    Memory Verse
        1st week:    Tt
                          "You are the God who sees me." - Genesis 16:13

        2nd week:    Uu
                           "Unto you, God, do we give thanks." - Psalm 75:1

        3rd week:    Vv
                          "Very clearly I say unto you, whatsoever you shall ask the Father in my name,
                           He will give it to you." - John 16:23

        4th week:    Ww
                           "Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in you." - Psalm 56:3

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