Guiding Principles for the School Council

The council is to inform trustees of current school information, serve as liaison between the school and community, support the school in reaching its goals, and form committees to serve specific school needs. 

  • What can we do to improve the educational experience for students?

  • What can we do to improve the educational atmosphere and environment at the school?

  • What can we do to reach common goals and encourage community and collaboration?

School Governance

Organizational Mission 

To provide the opportunity for students to become globally competent, culturally aware, multilingual lifelong learners and influential leaders, to develop a well-balanced heart, mind, and character and to be established in relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Organizational Structure 

Ashiya International School is recognized as a legal entity (houjin) and categorized as a foreign school (kakushu gakkou houjin) by the Japanese government. The legal entity is currently certified to operate 3 levels of kindergarten and 6 grades of elementary under the school name Ashiya International School, also known as AIS. AIS is managed by a headmaster, a board of trustees, a comptroller, a school council, a principal, teachers, staff, and a parents association. 

Board of Trustees 

The Board of Trustees must be formed of a group of six or seven people. They are to guide the direction of the school’s decisions according to the school vision and values, monitor curriculum and hiring of staff, manage financial accountability, and expand school programs by searching for support. The principal is required to serve as a Trustee. 

School Council 

The School Council must be formed of thirteen or fifteen members based on double the current number of trustees plus one. The council is to inform trustees of current school information, serve as liaison between the school and community, support the school in reaching its goals, and form committees to serve specific school needs. Council members must consist of the following:
  • Three or four current AIS employees
  • Three or four AIS graduates over 25 years old (or parents of students if none exist)
  • Seven other individuals with educational experience

(from the School Handbook Section 2 page 6)

Council Roles

Question: What are our specific jobs on this council? 


- call all meetings of Council and finalize the agenda 

- supervise all Council activities 

- speak on behalf of the Council 


- assume the responsibilities of the Chairperson in the Chairpersonʼs absence 

- be responsible for Parent Development Presentations 

Communication Coordinator 

- prepare and distribute the Council Minuteʼs meeting on a monthly basis 

- update the parent information board on a regular basis 

- coordinate all the council information/communication to parents 

Public Relations Coordinator 

- act as a communication liaison between the schoolʼs staff and the community 

- coordinate photo opportunities for school special events 

- work closely with the communications coordinator to maximize schoolʼs profile in the community 


- record, distribute and maintain copies of the minutes of Council meetings 

- responsible for Councilʼs correspondence and official records 


- maintain the financial records of Council 

- issue cheques and deposit monies on behalf of Council 

- prepare a brief financial report for each Council meeting 

Grants Coordinator 

- research and present relevant grant opportunities to Council 

- prepare grant proposals to potential funders to support Council initiatives 

- communicate with the fundraising coordinator regarding grant opportunities 

Fundraising Coordinator 

- responsible for coordinating all Council fundraising projects 

- work closely with the Grants Coordinator to ensure Council maximizes grant opportunities 

Volunteer Coordinator

- responsible for coordinating all volunteer efforts for Council programs and assisting the Fundraising Coordinator when volunteers are needed. 

Council Sub-Committees

Lunch Program
Guidance and Counseling
Human Resources
Professional Development
School Safety
Public Relations and Communication
School Bus
Facility Development and High School
Curriculum and Instruction

Goal 1: Maintain Excellent Communication 

a. Between Council and Parents - keep councilʼs information on the website/bulletin board 

b. Between Council and School Administration/Teachers 

c. Between Council and Board 

Goal 2: Support Educational Enrichment 

a. Through the support of Supplemental Learning Resources - provide financial support for the development of the library, create awareness of the library through the newsletter. 

b. Through Student Enrichment Programming - Literacy development, healthy living 

c. By Organizing Fundraising Activities that support the goals of Council - Identify fundraising activities/priorities for this school year in collaboration with administration and teachers. 

Goal 3: Assess the Schoolʼs Financial Needs