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November 13, 2007

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Council Meeting - November 13, 2007 - 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.


Mr. Burke

Mr. Jay

Mrs. Burke\

Mrs. Noguchi

Mrs. Fukui

Mr. Fukui

Pastor Vincent

Ms. Kaori

Ms. Yoshiko

Ms. Keiko

Mr. Itsuo

Meeting Agenda: Its about mainly the Council.

The Japanese organizational structure is somewhat different compared to American system

Japanese is really good in creating or implementing structures.

Its about balance.

In order to create something great, it needs to have a balance.

Starting with the Council.

Purposes of this meeting:

Know the school’s mission and vision

Become familiar with AIS s current status and future needs

Learn about the AIS structure

Learn about the Trustees and Council.

Consider IF and HOW to get involving.

Our Mission:

To create the most progressive private Christian International School in Japan for people

of all nationalities.

We need to be willing to be changed towards development.

What is the current status of AIS?

AIS is growing, progressing and changing in a very positive way.

What are we right now?

“Kakushu” Gakko-hojin K-6 (for foreigners)

Renting land from Hyogo Prefecture

Repaying loans for green building

No funding support fromo outside organizations

We need to start considering elementary expansion and beyond.

Need a strategy to generate capital

Where are we heading?

Kindergarten – when they finished K5 in June

these are the qualities that they have:

fluent in English conversation, developing reading/writing skills

developing Japanese conversation skills

possesses morals based on the bible.

Independent in taking care of self

Listens to teachers and is well-mannered

Expresses self creatively through and presentations

Physically and emotionally healty

Enjoys music


grade 1st to 4th grade levels

20 total students

Qualities of an AIS Graduate (Elementary – Age 12):

Fluent in English and Japanese communication

Foundation of biblical knowledge apparent in behavior

Mathematically competent with the abacus

Competent in discussing issues from both sides (debate)

Knowledgeable about Western and Japanese cultures

Confident with self/cares for others

Plays a musical instrument

Active in extra-curricular activities

Adaptable, teachable and

Middle/High School?

When I decided to start elementary school

Qualities of an AIS Graduate (High school – Age 18):

Fluent communicator in English, Japanese and a third language

Exemplifies and teaches biblical principles to others, and they are examples and leaders.

Uses appropriate TPO skills depending on culture

Conscientious of the environment and community – protect our community environment

Leads with initiative and works well with others

Well-rounded, responsible individual

A good debater, presenter and speaker

Knows own strengths and areas to improve

Competent to enter English or Japanese colleges -

The big question is?

In 10 years, can you see our students being these?

If you can see that, would you like your child to be like this?

AIS Organizational Structure:

Has a principal, there are also teachers that make up the school, and administration office

and parents association.

Above AIS, there is a Legal Entity:

Headmaster, Board of Trustees, Comptroller, Council

We can send out Teachers also, as part of a new school.

Current Board of Trustees is formed of 6 or 7 people. And they are to guide direction of school’s decisions according to school vision and values.

Monitor curriculum and hiring teachers

Manage financial accountability

Expand school programs by searching for support

What is Council?

Composed of volunteers…

Strength in numbers and offers solutions

Find solutions to common issues to our school

We can build all these strengths.

We encourage and welcome not just complaints

And organize some solutions.

Council in AIS needs to be build up by :

13 members

3 or 4 Employees of the Organization

3 or 4 Graduates over 25 years old.

7 Individuals with educational experience

Duties of the Council:

1. Advise Trustees with school information

2. Serve as liaison between school and community

3. Support school to reach its goals

4. Form committees to serve school needs.

Organization Mission:

To develop leaders of influence who are multi-cultural and multi-lingual, able to function globally, and well balanced mentally, physically and spiritually, possessing love based on Christian principles.

We want them to be influential…successful leaders are what we are looking for.

To be fluent in a language, we need to learn and experience the culture first.

Those leaders should be radio active. 

How do we work?

Everything is moving.

Goals for AIS:

AIS is ACSI accredited (September 2010)

Complete site plan for elementary school (September 2008)

Determine JH/HS possibilities (September 2008)

These are the three big goals that AIS has in the next three years.

How you can support AIS?

SERVE – as a council member, or serve in the parent association

SUPPORT – give toward our expansion plans

NETWORK – find organizations to support our vision

Newsletter is for outside.

PRAY – pray for God’s plan to prevail

God is in control.

Where and what we are and how we are made up!

How are we going to do High School?

The Japanese are changing their minds…they want the escalator system.

We have something different here in AIS, the school is a white canvas.

We don’t have a library but we can design it.

Everything is possible if we will make it happen

There are some uncertainties in achieving our goals.

Are there any possibilities of these goals?

It is possible.


AIS Council

Do you want to continue to be part of the council?

By January, we will be starting to have regular meetings.

If you feel that you do not have the time or the heart, let the principal know about it.

P.A. will be passing the baton by January…

Four slots that we need to replace and add to…

In the next two weeks, the principal would be looking for new members/council.


Usage of the Hall in the next two years?

Is it possible to fit 60 students in the hall?

Where is AIS 5 to 10 years from now?

Are we ready and open for quick changes?

It takes about 3 years, to plan for a Junior High School.

Board Members and Council,

Do the people need to be involved in the school in order to be part of the Board or council?

Everybody has a reason in this world.

Ended with a prayer by Pastor Vincent.

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