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AIS Council Meeting Agenda 
March 12, 2009 (Started 3:23 p.m. - Ended 4:50 p.m.) 

10 Attendees: Mr. Burke, Mr. Jay, Mrs. Burke, Ms. Kaori, Ms. Myrna, Ms. Yuzawa, Ms. Baba, Ms. Tasaki, Ms. Campbell, Ms. Hirakawa, Ms. Keiko and Ms. Claire 

Facilitator: Mr. Jay 


Friday afternoon - div. 1 & div. 2 - under the teacherʼs supervision 
Hire 2 MIP teachers for the event on March 28 - for little children from 11:00 to 4 p.m. 
Setting up on March 28 - take your child to K3 
Clean up concerns 
How many will be here for cleaning up? 


Future Growth/ESL/Facilities 

AIS uniform possibility for elementary and kindergarten - S.Y. 2009-2010 

- uniform committee: Ms. Tasaki, Ms. Hull, Ms. Shimamura & Ms. Uotanie 
- met two possible suppliers 
- principal talked with several kindergarten and elementary parents 
- solution - semi-uniform, flexibility, considering all the comments of the majority 
- some kindergarten parents have said, “ We want uniforms, too!” 
- cost efficient, easy to move, clean, dry and a semi-uniform 

Sponsors for YEARBOOK: 

- full page sponsor/supporter page 
- half page and 1/4 page 
- Genesis is working on this, and it will be finalized by April 
- Prizes for the pages - to be decided/discussed by the PR/Fundraising committee 
* with all the information needed - logo, pictures, address, and map 

Parking lot usage: 

- from March 1st, two thirds is taken back by Hyogo Prefecture 
- Raffle-Bazaar event will be pulled towards the PARKING LOT PROJECT 
- Fundraise for the parking lot, “Dinner-dance party” 

Bridge Class: 

- is ideal and K5 friends who would like to try elementary education 
- POLICY CHANGE for Elementary Registration Fee (Proposal) 
- it gives an opportunity for kindergarten students to try elementary 

Registration Fee: 

*11 out of 13 members agreed/accepted the proposed POLICY Change for Elementary Registration Fee (Effective APRIL 1, 2009) 


2 other companies to provide lunch for the reason of the current lunch provider is out health balance 

Other Issues 

1. Students transferring out 

- if people decide to leave, the school does not stop them, but, the school need to know why are they leaving, for it does help the schoolʼs growth. 
At Easter, give them certificate of registration but, it is not a diploma. 

2. CHANGES from April 2009 

New teacher in Elementary - Enrique Diez from Spain who studied in Australia - P.E. Mathematics, ESL (3 days of Mathematics within a week that frees up Mr. Dave - for curriculum, media, art, video clip, website, & new school brochure 

New teacher in Nursery - Ms. Kayoko Nishimura 

For summer school, Ms. Emi has been coming for the last 4 years, she is bringing two other families in her church, coming with a volunteer heart - 3 mothers and 7 children 

Nursery will be led by Ms. Ruby, Kayoko, Kyle 


Next Meeting: April 16, 2009 from 3:00 p.m. to 4:50 p.m.
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