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AIS Council Meeting Minutes - November 17, 2009 (Started: 2:35 p.m. Ended: 4:00 p.m.) 

Attendees: Mr. Burke, Mr. Jay, Mrs. Burke, Mr. Sasao, Ms. Hoshi, Ms. Hirakawa, Ms. Tasaki, Ms. Takasawa, Ms. Yamamoto, Ms. Moore, Ms. Shimamura, Mrs. Burke and Ms. Paningbatan. 
Absent: Ptr. Vincent, and Mr. DeChichis 

Facilitator: Mr. Jay 
Recorder: Ms. Paningbatan 

Review and Acceptance of November Council Meeting Minutes: 

Committee Reports: 

1. Christmas Celebration - Joy to the World (yearly singing) and We Are the World 

2. Report from PA - next representatives 

3. Fall Festival Questionnaire 

* First time of the school to celebrate this kind of event. 
* Positive and negative results 
* Enjoyed studentsʼ performances 
* Questionnaire was a good idea especially if we are doing new things 

4. Parent-Teacher Conference Feedback 


* Classroom Discipline VS Parenting Style 
* Strict VS Sweet 
* Disciplinarian VS Responsible 


* they enjoyed the areas of improvement given by the teachers 
* reservation style - they did not received any confirmation and it was inconvenient 
* suggested for a longer time for future conferences - depending on the number of students per classes 
* 15 minutes is very limited and English is very difficult for some parents to understand 
* there is open communication with regards to the weaknesses of students. 

5. Principalʼs Direction 

Inform parents 2 things: 

* What they are doing well? 
* What area needs improvement? 

6. Goals and Roles 

* Make improvements to meet the needs of current AIS students 
* What and How can we best meet these needs? 


- There is a need to focus and it is hard to get people to participate. 
- What have we been doing? 
- What can we do? 
- What is the ideal option for AIS? (Fluent in English/Japanese and a loving heart from God) 

7. Current Councilʼs Roles 

* Improve school climate 
* Foster professionalism 
* Increase broad participation 
* Strive to reach long lasting decisions for the school. 

8. Decide on or Enhance 

* School climate (maintenance of school grounds) 
* Enrichment opportunities (classes, seminars, guest speakers for parents) 
* PR/fundraising/establish community relations 
* Program development (meeting English language, development needs of school and community) 

9. Recent Discussion in Board of Trustees Meeting (November 15th) 

* Needs of current students - curriculum 
* Interesting Statistics in private schools? 

10. Board of Education 

* What is our ideal goal that goes with the schoolʼs vision and mission? 

11. Homework 

* In what area you have the ability to serve? 
* PA considers other roles and implementation of Class Representatives 

12. Next Meeting: 
January ____, 2010 from 2:30 to 4:00 p.m.
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