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October 9, 2008

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AIS Council Meeting MINUTES

Oct. 9, 2008 (Started: 3:43 p.m., Ended: 4:48 p.m.)

9 Attendees: B. Burke, J. Burke, K. Takasawa, M. Tanedo, V. Huliganga, Y. Baba,

K. Campbell, Y. Tasaki, Emika Yuzawa

Facilitator: B. Burke 

Recorder: J. Burke 

Timer: K. Campbell

Review and Acceptance of Sep. Council Meeting Minutes

Recruiting council members: Mark Benton needs to tend wife's health for now.

Yuko Tasaki & Emika Yuzawa both agreed to join the council

Motion: K. Campbell 2nd: M. Tanedo All agreed

Welcome to Emika Yuzawa and Yuko Tasaki, the newest council members!

Needs Assessment Results

Curriculum and Instruction:

Activities to be recognized by public (speech/art/essay contest) besides SAT results (x2)

Substitute teacher list (x2)

ESL/Language Support program (during school and after)

Concern about completely deleting Japanese from elementary

How are parents informed of homework assignments and to help child?

More FUN science and math activities

English verbal speech and comprehension level support and improvement

A committee to research and consider realistic JH/HS possibilities

ESL program and/or Homework assistance program

A team to realistically consider JH/HS possibilities

School Climate:

Parent-School Partnership/communication (x3)

Teacher Appreciation Day put on by parents

Community building activities for staff-staff and parents-parents & mixed

Build relationships with surrounding community, YMCA or foreign churches

Committees to offer parents opportunities to get involved

School Grounds:

Greenery, chairs, tables

Classroom space for expanding elementary

Parking lot planning and pavement

Fence/Gate maintenance, possible upgrade for security

Increase in the bus service

Covered canopy in sections of playground / soft ground area

Library system (learn responsibility of checking out a book), designated art & music rooms

A designated place for parents to sit and chat

A paved parking lot, larger mailbox

After School Safety:

Everyone needs to read and follow rules in the handbook. Concern exists for student safety after school. Children running out into the parking lot and playing in the parking lot unsupervised has been observed. Parents need to remember to hold their child's hand, especially in the driveway and in the parking lot. One boy fell off playground equipment just today and hit his head after school, although a group of parents were nearby. "Once students leave campus, they should not return to play." The principal wishes to allow students to play in the school playground after school, but some children are not being watched closely and getting injured. Since he feels ultimately responsible for injuries on campus, the principal is considering not allowing students to play on school grounds after school. This is mainly out of concern for the safety of the children. (All attendees agreed that such a policy might be necessary)

Other Issues:

Are seatbelts not necessary for the school van?

We checked with Toyota and the police and seatbelts are not legally necessary. Once the lease expires for the current van, the school will look for a vehicle with seat belts.

How is the school considering dealing with the hazardous caterpillars around campus?

Yesterday, the bushes in the south playground was roped off and sprayed with non-toxic vinegar (take-su. If the caterpillars do not go away, we will consider other measures.

Would the school consider teaching students self-defense through the CAP program?

We will look into this CAP program and see if it is worth considering. If it does not fit in our curriculum, calendar or budget this year, we may consider it for the future.

Next Meeting: Thursday, November 13th from 3:40 p.m. (END)

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