Rácz Zsuzsa (2016)

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"Though writing short stories, we get to know ourselves"

Racz Zsuzsa was born in Miskolc, 1972. She 
was graduated in Herman Ottó gimnázium, and 
studied English literature, Media and Communication, and Sociology at ELTE,at which time she started to work at the Hungarian Public Tv and Radio as a corresponder,reporter, later as an editor and anchor. She is an award-winning author of many books, including Terezanyut, which was made into a movie.

Tóth Krisztina (2015)

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Krisztina Tóth is one of the most highly acclaimed Hungarian poets. She is the winner of several awards, including the Graves Prize(1996), Déry Tibor Prize (1996), József Attila Prize (2000) and her poetry has been translated into many languages.

Her poems have strong connections with different Hungarian and European poetic traditions (she translates French poetry), their trademark is a subtle combination of strong visual elements, intellectual reflection and a very empathic, yet often ironic concern in everyday scenes, conflicts and people.
Krisztina Tóth lives in Budapest, where apart from writing and translating poetry, she designs and produces stained glass windows.


Spiro Gyorgy (2013)

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"We write stories not only for our present audience, but to the unknown audiences of the future." Bo
rn April 4, 1946 in Budapest.  Gyorgy
 is a dramatist, novelist and essayist who has emerged as one of post-war Hungary's most prominent literary figures. He is a member of the Széchenyi Academy of Literature and ArtsHis plays have won numerous awards, including several for best Hungarian drama of the year. A few of them are available in English translation. The best known one is  Chickenhead(1986), an earthy and bitter drama of a young delinquent's disillusionment at the longed-for reunion with his drunken father. Dramatic Exchange described it as "widely considered to be the most important Hungarian play of the last 20 years.

Barnas Ferenc (2012)

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"We are all responsible for telling our own stories, for today and tomorrow" 

1959: born in Debrecen, Hungary. Graduates from Szentendre’s Franciscan High School.
1978–1982: manual worker.
1982–1988: takes university courses in Debrecen, Budapest, München, and learns classical music privately.
1988: graduates from Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) with degrees in Hungarian language/literature and Aesthetics.
1990: earns his doctoral degree at ELTE, with a dissertation entitled Hermann Hesse világképe (The World View of Hermann Hesse).
1988–1994: teaches literature and aesthetics in secondary schools for the arts in Budapest.
1990–1992: instructor of music aesthetics at the Department of Cultural History, ELTE.
1994–2000: freelance writer.
2000–present: museum attendant.

2013: Aegon Prize, Üveggolyó Prize
2010: The Ninth was longlisted for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award (Dublin, Ireland)
2010: The Ninth was longlisted for the Best Translated Book Award (Three Percent, USA)
2006: Tibor Déry Prize
2001: Sándor Márai Prize

Honorable Ambassador April Foley (2007-9)

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"The English language acts as a strong bond between our Hungarian and English-speaking communities"

She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Smith College and an MBA from Harvard University.

Ambassador Foley was sworn in by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on July 5, 2006. She arrived in Hungary on August 10, 2006, and presented her credentials to President of the Republic of Hungary László Sólyom on August 18, 2006.

Ambassador Foley concluded her service as Ambassador to Hungary on April 2, 2009.

Honorable Ambassador George Herbert Walker III (2006)

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"The American Embassy proudly supports cross-cultural ties through creative writing."

George Herbert Walker III was sworn in as Ambassador to Hungary on September 30, 2003.

Ambassador Walker is a graduate of Yale University (BA 1953), Harvard Law School (JD 1956), and was admitted to the Connecticut Bar in 1956.

Ambassador Walker has received honorary degrees from Webster University, Harris-Stowe State University, and recently from two Hungarian universities, the University of Pecs and St. Istvan University.

Upon his departure from Hungary in August 2006, the President of Hungary decorated Ambassador Walker with the Commander’s Middle Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary, a medal similar to the one awarded earlier to his cousin, President George H. W. Bush.

Konrad Gyorgy (2009)

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"It is our obligation to write the stories of our lives"

George Konrád was born at the university hospital in Debrecen on April 2, 1933. He spent the first eleven years of his life in 
Berettyóújfalu in eastern Hungary. His father  József Konrád (1897–1970) was a successful hardware merchant; his mother, Róza Klein (1905-2004) came from the Nagyvárad Jewish bourgeoisie. His sister Éva, born in 1930, is currently a biologist living in New York. George Konrád attended the local Jewish elementary school, then one year of middle school, until the spring of 1944.

Bekes Pal

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"To create a story is to re-create ourselves

Writer, playwright, translator, screenwriter.

Born in 1956 in Budapest. The Chicago Budapest. The alley in kindergarten, the school Radnóti Nicholas Training twelve years, the Fáskör - aged in a square area of ​​the threshold of adulthood.Experiences, stories, great teachers, and of course the government and padtársak taught.  

His writings puts the real world, all the assets of the tale weaving using a particular method. Rich imagination and inventiveness written plenty of stories emanating humor, polished and direct style. Lovable heroes are fighting very timely, everyday problems, and any adventures that do happen to anyone.

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