Past Aircraft

"You don't need to know where you're going, just need to know where you been"

                                                                                                                                                         - Mater

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Here's a look back at the past, what my RC collection looked like in the spring of 2005:

Ordered chronologically below are the R/C aircraft I've owned before. Some of them were crashed beyond all repair, and some were sold or traded. Click on each picture for more information.

  1. HobbyZone Aerobird Challenger. All you need to fly in one box; decent enough for the beginner and available add-ons keep things interesting.

  2. ParkZone F-27 Stryker. Everything you need in one box, but not for the faint of heart.

  3. DCRC F-117A. Decent enough ARF, more of a head turner than anything else.

  4. Ultrafly Cessna 182. Great ARF that took a lot of my beginner punishment.

  5. Ultrafly Extra 300s. Aerobatic foam ARF that was a little too advanced for me at the time.

  6. Kamdax Mig-15. A great looking ARF that was sadly underpowered the day I flew it.

  7. E-Flite Tribute. A frustrating first experience with profile foamies. My very first brushless motor was purchased for this plane

  8. Hobby-Lobby Mini-Telemaster. My first plane from a kit (pile of sticks and a sheet of plans). This one had more than its share of ups and 'downs'.

  9. Great Planes Flight-Flex Yak-55. More like Flex-in-Flight. Helped me lots with aerobatic confidence and learning good use of the rudder, though.

  10. Great Planes P-51 Sport Fighter. Decent enough to be entertaining, but not very durable.

  11. Great Planes FW-190 Sport Fighter. Same as the P-51 above, but the bad guys seemed to have more staying power.

  12. Great Planes Flat-Out Reflection. Another frustrating experience with a profile foamy.

  13. Goldberg Shock 3D. Although not a '3D' plane as the name would suggest, it was an absolute pleasure to fly and a great aerobatic trainer.

  14. 66" Hawker Hurricane. Unknown manufacturer. Bought for show, sold for dough.

  15. Multiplex Magister. The Magister was a stable flyer, and it settled in gently and obediently on every final approach. To date, the Magister is the largest electric plane I have flown. A little too tame for my tastes, I sold it to buy and aerobatic glow plane.

  16. EdgeRC Pocket 250. With the E-Flite brushless inrunner, it was a fun little screamer.

  17. Pica T-28 Trojan. An absolute beauty, I was sad to see this one leave my collection so soon :(.

  1. Hirobo XRB Lama. My first helicopter. The Lama was great for orientation training, but it got boring rrrreal quick.

  2. Lite Machines 116 & 117. These were my favorite helicopters, but I sold them too quickly. If a good opportunity comes up, I'd like to buy another.

  3. EF Shogun 400 V1. This one showed potential, but it was a veritable maintenance and reliability nightmare.

  4. HeliMax Axe CP. An '06 X-mas gift from my wonderful wife. A very capable helicopter for the money.

  5. Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 V2. A trade for the Axe CP, sold for mucho dinero.


Latest to Become a Part of My History:

Ultrafly Cessna 182.

I sold it in November 2007 to make room for the Magister.

Mini Telemaster

I sold it in November 2007 to make room for the larger, scratch-built Telemaster.

Goldberg Shock 3-D

With the Seagull Extra and the E-Flite Cap as the hot new aerobats in the house, this wasn't being flown at all. I sold it and bought... err... I can't remember what I bought with the money.

Multiplex Magister

It was a great flying plane, but it was also a little too tame and stable for my current tastes.  I sold it and bought an aerobatic glow plane.

EdgeRC Pocket 250

It was fun while it lasted, but I eventually sold the tiny wing and purchased a slightly larger one.

Planes I've owned but sold while they were still New-In-Box:

Great Planes Flat-Out Cap580

Ultrafly F-16

GWS Spitfire


Aerocraft Super Cub Kit