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I love airplanes, can you tell?  More specifically, I like electric-powered, radio-controlled airplanes. I enjoy building and flying them, which is the whole point of the website you just stumbled onto. I now own three glow (nitro powered) airplanes, and I've owned three glow helicopters, but I really prefer electric power over wet fuel for various reasons. I like helicopters too, but I think, at this point in my life, I lack the patience necessary to really progress in skill without crashing and waiting for spare parts to the point that it's pure frustration. I've only been dinking around in this hobby for about 4 years now; my experiences are sometimes good, and sometimes bad, but always rewarding.

PRODUCT REVIEWS will be coming soon! On every model page, I summarize the components I used to power and guide each plane. Now see my in-depth opinion, the good and bad, about each transmitter, receiver, motor, esc, servo, etc. that I've used!


The beautiful T-28 Trojan that I was so much in love with has sadly found early retirement, check out the video of it's last flight :(

I don't currently have any items for sale. Check back often, as you never know (nor do I) when I'll need to sell one plane to make room for another or when I'll need to sell off some equipment to raise funds for a project that's might happen to be the works.

Listings here will often be priced below my classified ad price, if I also happen to have listed them for sale on RCUniverse, RCGroups, or WattFlyer.


'09 Updates:

1/27/2009 - Changes made to  Current Aircraft; 2 aircraft added.

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