Current Aircraft

Here are the planes I'm currently flying, in no particular order.

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  1. TowerHobbies Uproar 40. This over-powered, highly-maneuverable aerobat is my first glow-powered aircraft in quite a while.

  2. 72" Scratch Built Telemaster. It has been said that "Nothing flies like a Telemaster." Let's hope the addage holds true for my Telemaster currently under construction.

  3. GWS Zero. The best $27 I've ever spent in this hobby! A brushless and lithium power combo is the only way to go with this well-behaved warbird.

  4. Seagull Extra 300 EP. A great performing, well-designed aerobat priced much more economically than some of its competitors.

  5. F-18. Looks great in the air and performs well. Built from Steve Schumate plans and wearing Blue Angels colors.

  6. E-Flite Cap 232 BP. My favorite little knock-around aerobat at the moment.

  7. Great Planes Mini Slinger. 30" wingspan flying wing.  My first experimentation with fiberglass applied to the exterior of an airframe for additional durability.
  8. E-Flite Mini FuntanaX. With it's larger wing, it's more capable of 3D than the Seagull Extra.

  9. GWS P-38. Looks great in the air and flies well.  It's currently the only multi engine plane in my hangar.

  10. Goldberg Anniversary Edition J-3 Cub. Performance of a large pattern ship in a smaller electric offering. This one should be fun!

  11. Green Models Gee Bee Y. 1/9th scale model of a classic 1930's racer.

  12. Estes Sky Rangers Corsair. This little plane was pretty lame when I first tried it out. A full power and control system makeover woke this little bird up.
  13. Multiplex Funjet. Powered by a high speed Scorpion outrunner, this one reaches 85 to 90 mph!
  14. Blue Arrow Sand Bird.  A micro seaplane I bought primarily for flying off the snow in the winter.
  15. BH Yak 54. There isn't too much info out there about this aerobat, but the plane/engine combo at was too good to pass up. I've also got some high-speed, high-torque servos on the way for it.

The list wouldn't be complete without my 6 year old son's first plane, a GWS Pico Stick-F. Here we are preparing for his first flight in September '07.

As I get myself ready for night flight, I'll also be installing some LED's on the wings of his plane for night time illumination.

I know, I know, this isn't, but I might end up with another helicopter or two someday . . .

The Futaba 9C is currently my radio of choice.