Overview of the course

The English Literature exam consists of two papers. The papers will be based on your study of four components: About a Boy, An Inspector Calls, Of Mice and Men and Unseen Poetry.  Both exam papers will assess your ability to show an understanding of the writers use of language and style, as well as a secure knowledge of the texts we have studied.

Overview of the course

Get the most out of this website by:
  • Using the resources to revise the texts/ characters/ themes
  • Completing past papers and exam questions
  • Learning key quotations (related to each text)
Happy Revision : )

Google document

On this page you can find an overview of the course, as well as a guide from moving your grades upwards. Strive for those 4 levels of progress!

TOP TIP: Download the Gojimo app on your phone for fun quizzes related to our GCSE texts! A fun way to revise :)

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