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OpenProximity™ 2.0

NOTE: please visit the new OpenProximity WIKI pages here.


OpenProximity™ 2.0, the first Commercial Grade Proximity Marketing Open Source system is quickly becoming the industry standard for Bluetooth based proximity marketing applications.

Please read the section about Bluetooth dongles you can use with OpenProximity 2.0.

OP2 is composed of several parts, most relevant are:
  • Web administration: Using django web application framework OP2 exposes a web site which allows full administration of the OP2 system.
  • Web statistics, campaign management, file management and server management.
  • Multiprocess. Each piece of OP2 runs in a different process and communicate with each other using rpyc framework.
  • Database backend. Statistics and campaigns are stored in a database for long term storing.
  • RPC clients. We have all ready implemented an scanner and an uploader client, this clients allow scanning the air and upload files to targets. Both of them communicate through rpc to the main server (which lives in the same computer you use for managment), allowing local network managment of multiple servers and really multiprocess independent scanning and uploading.
Open Proximity 2.0 is a work in progress and will evolve over time with the help of contributions from the open source developer community. We also provide customers with custom features by request. These features may also be integrated into the main platform if requested. Our own plans include:
  • Multilingual interface (community helping is welcomed).
  • Remote web interface. Our bizremote model will focus in the point, we want to provide with payed support for OP2, this support will allow customers to manage all they're servers from a main remote server for little money.
  • Integration with SensorSDK project from AIRcable. We're working in a Sensoring network system, both OP2 and SensorSDK servers should leave together in the near future.
  • More "plugin" clients.
  • More compresive statistics display. Charting for example.
For more information please contact us at "info AT aircable.net"


We have some kicking documentation written.
  • Quick Start Guide: this is the document you want to read when you want to setup OpenProximity 2.0 for the first time, or every time you can't remember how to setup a campaign.
  • Dongles Configuration: this document tells you how to configure your dongles so OpenProximity 2.0 can use them. You need to read this document as part of the initial setup process or every time you add, remove or want to change the configuration of your dongles.
  • Community Wiki: there's a wiki maintained by our community, is slowly becoming our main reference point.

How to get it

You can get OpenProximity 2.0 in several ways:
  • Buy a ServerXR with OP 2.0 bundled inside from the AIRcable.net online store
  • Buy a MobileServerXR based on these mini laptops with OP2.0 from AIRcable.net
  • Buy a bootable USB flash drive with Ubuntu Netbook Remix and OP 2.0, bundled with a long range Bluetooth Host XR from AIRcable.net
  • If you already have a Host XR you can just get the USB flash drive here
  • Following Installation Guide.
  • Google code main page: click here
  • Download the source code package: here
  • OpenProximity 2.0 is available as a VMware Appliance image: http://www.vmware.com/appliances/directory/272743
    Just plug in a Host XR, dedicate the USB hardware to the VMware player and you are up and running on any VMware machine.
  • Get consulting help to setup OpenProximity 2.0 and how to make Bluetooth Proximity marketing campaigns most successful from Peter Hauser.
  • You live in Australia, contact Henry Valk: "openproximity AT hcv.com.au"


An screencast of OpenProximity 2.0 is available << (not available at the moment! See wiki pages, go to user doc, quickstart guide)