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Image Recovery


In this guide you will learn how to recover or do a mayor update of your Compact Flash Card (CF from now on). To the factory settings when something badly has happened.
For this guide to work you will need an external CF card reader/writer, you can't use the one that comes into the ebox.
We provide instructions only for Unix Systems (Linux, *BSD, Mac, etc.), but if you use any other system, and want to tell us how you did it, don't hesitate to get in touch at our Google Group.
We're also working a procedure to do this directly into the ServerXR so you don't need any extra system except for a USB pen drive.


This process will remove all the data from the CF, so make a back up of your data first. Also take precaution before pressing enter. Read over and over the instructions, one typo and you can breake your system files. You do this procedure on your own, under your own risk. Don't hesitate into asking if you have questions.

Getting Ready

For this procedure to be done you will need:
  • A CF card (1GB or bigger)
  • A CF card reader / writer, there are lots of USB devices for this, most are Linux and Mac compatible.
  • ServerXR installer which can be grabbed from the web
  • Coffee and patience.

Unix Systems (Linux, *BSD, Mac, etc.)

On Unix Systems like Linux for example, each device is represented with a device node. In our case we need to identify which nodes represents the CF card, you need the hole CF node, not the partition one (sdX where X is a letter, not sdXN where XN is a letter followed by a number). If you don't know which node represents your CF reader you can follow this procedure:
With CF unplugged run dmesg | tail -n 20
Plug CF and run dmesg | tail -n 20 again.
Check for new messages from the kernel telling where the CF was attached to. In Linux it will be called sdX where X is a letter.

Download the file if you haven't yet, you do this with wget:
wget http://kienhoefer.com/~manuel/kwort_repo/temp/serverxr.run

Run the installer (you will need to root for this):
sh serverxr.run
The installer will ask if you want to clean the installation, if you have a 1GB or lower CF we recommend you clean it, 2GB has enough space to store the devel files.
Then the installer will ask you for the device where you want to install so you type in /dev/sdX
After a few seconds it will show cfdisk window, as you're restoring an image you don't need to do nothing here, and can safely press on quit.
Then it will copy the files (this will take a while) when it's done it will ask you if you want to restore another CF. At this moment you can safely remove the CF.

BE CAREFUL! If you don't use the right device you will break your file system. Make sure the CF card is not mounted in the system, or the writing will fail, and you will have to do it again. Just do: umount /dev/sdX. To be sure.

Now you just need to wait until it finishes, then plug it to the ebox and that's it. Enjoy your recovered CF.