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Package Handling

The Server XR has an adapted version of Kwort Linux 2.4.

Kwort uses kpkg as package manager, this application is quite easy to use, here are some examples:
  • Update database:
kpkg mantains a database of packages which is a replicate of the database at a certain server, to update your database you need to do
kpkg update

If you are using more than one repository then you just can do:
kpkg update all
  • Install:
To install a package that's in your database you need to do:
kpkg install <package>
  • Search:
Search allows you to search the packages database to find a certain package.
kpkg search <package name, or part of it>
  • Upgrade packages:
To be sure you are always using the latest available packages you should call:
kpkg upgrade

Take into account that the upgrade process is not 100% accurate and we're working together with the kwort team to make it as accurate as possible. So we always suggest you to take a look of the package list before saying yes to the upgrade process.

Right now you should be using mainly two repositories for the Server XR one is the default kwort server which is:, the other one is the one provided by us at: http://kwort.aircable.net.

In order to setup your system and start using our repository you need to do (devices running December 08 or later releases don't need this step):

export MIRROR="kwort.aircable.net" MIRROR_PATH="repository/" MIRROR_PROTOCOL="http://"; kpkg update