May 28 Telecon

posted May 26, 2010, 6:17 AM by Joshua Lieberman   [ updated Jun 1, 2010, 6:36 AM by Will Pozzi ]


  1. Drought scenario draft
  2. Gulf of Maine water quality scenario status
  3. Mozambique WQ + health scenario coordination
  4. Water ontology mapping and semantic use case refinement
  5. Plan for next steps

Time: 14h00 UTC (16h00 CET, 10h00 EDT)
Telecon: 702-473-3463 passcode 567454#


Josh Lieberman, Mattia Santoro, Brad Lee, Damien, Valerie, Cristiano Fugazza, Will Pozzi


  1. Drought:
    Will_Pozzi - Drought scenario is being developed in the template form. Including a semantic component in terms of semantic annotations as keywords, using terms from CUAHSI or other ontologies mapped into the CUAHSI upper ontology. Will have also to expand the latter to include terms relevant to drought.
    Brad_Lee - contributing other ontologies to be included into a query broker by Cristiano et al. Expands into issue of ontology maintenance.
    Josh_Lieberman - good to look at pattern of resource registration (registration) separated from the query / broker harvesting and operating on those metadata resources.

  2. Semantic use case - is in an intermittently visible attachment. Action to move that to a use case page in the use case template.

  3. Water Quality - Josh_Lieberman - scenario development through matching CFP use case with GoM data needs / sources.

  4. EO2HEAVEN  Cholera Mozambique:

    Damien - We are working with CSIR colleagues in South Africa to develop a scenario involving water quality and cholera. The cholera predictive model is a long term objective for EO2HEAVEN (for 2012). For the moment (month 6 of EO2HEAVEN), we are trying to identify the data needs (for instance, which are the relevant products to map SST: MODIS SST products or AATSR SST products?). Then, we would like to cross products (CHL-a and SST for instance to evaluate if some links exist). The EO2HEAVEN contribution for AIP3 will not get as far as a full cholera predictive model.

    Valerie -  In the context of EO2HEAVEN, we intend to get health data from Mozambique and authorizations to make field sample campaigns for water quality. However, we do not have these authorizations at the moment. Thus, the progress of our work in the Mozambique scenario could partly depend on this issue. Ingo Simonis is more aware than I on the evolution of this aspect.

    We have a EO2HEAVEN meeting in Karlsruhe next week where we should get more info.
    Will_Pozzi - Damien, et al should try to fill in the scenario in general form before then.

  5. Processing:
    Mattia - EuroGEOSS drought scenario also includes processing steps, so development of the processing use case will be important.


  1. Get the three general scenarios published up to Sites by next week, understanding that details will remain to be filled in over the course of June.
  2. Publish at least one semantic use case and one processing / modeling use case for use in the scenarios.
  3. Discuss Cholera scenario coordination in AQH telecon next Thursday
  4. Meet again next Friday to see where we are with 1-3.

Next Telecon

Friday, June 4 @ 1300 UTC (1500 CET, 0900 EDT). I think it may be easier to do this an hour earlier. Let me know if it is a problem for you.