July 16 Telecon

posted Jul 15, 2010, 12:01 PM by Joshua Lieberman   [ updated Jul 16, 2010, 6:48 AM ]


    Scenario updates
    Ontology - vocabulary updates
    Liaison updates


Josh Lieberman, Will Pozzi, Bill Sonntag, Hervé Caumont, Brad Lee, Cristiano, Damien


Josh - Gulf of Maine scenario: scenario page under construction. Should sync up with Tom Shyka and GMRI next week to get their feedback.

Bill - would be good to report on this next week in Knoxville, also to understand how scenario development and implementation will connect to GMRI funding from EPA.

Damien / EO2HEAVEN - July 26th telecon to update on possibilities for a location in Uganda.

Will - Looking at global drought monitoring efforts to showcase at Beijing meeting. Looking for an Australia-wide drought alert facility.

Action - Brad will look into this.

Will - update on water and drought ontology. Have looked at the present thesaurus holding in EuroGEOSS. Sparse on drought / soil moisture terms.

Cristiano - really no thematic thesaurii at present. Need submissions in SKOS with mappings to GEMET so that inferences and queries can be performed.

Will - putting together drought terms such as soil moisture and available water reserves and usage, including groundwater. Will need consultation on technical structure for this to be usable in the broker. Working with Nate Booth on groundwater terms.

Brad - how to go about mapping contributed modules to GEMET terms and by whom?

Cristiano - look at the SKOS relationships (e.g. broader - narrower - equivalent, etc.)

Will - how do we assess how useful an ontology is in practice.

Josh - best to explicitly simulate the whole discovery process for discovery chains which should work and are already known. When that is successful, then look at unexpected results which are not (yet) known to work.

Will - there is not a lot of drought information as yet registered. Best to register datasets or a community catalog?

Josh - best to register community catalogs, but doesn't mean a single community catalog needs to be set up for water already. First step is to motivate providers to prepare for registering by good metadata / documentation of resources.

Will - for Beijing it would be good to show global drought severity.

Josh - severity might be a good first test case for the end to end implementation of data provision  - discovery - access - exploitation.

Brad - catalog being set up today. Will provide more information soon.

Next meeting: July 30


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