Water Quality & Drought

This page is a day-to-day collaborative workspace for the Drought and Water Working Group.

Summaries and compilations of this work can be found on the OGC Network.

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Telecons and Events

  • August 31 Drought Telecon Attending:Ken Korporal (hosting), Stefan Niemeyer, Mike Brewer, Justin Sheffield, Richard Heim, Doug Cripe, Al Howard, Will Pozzi (moderator), Josh Lieberman, and Mattia SantoroDiscussion:Will: The European Drought Observatory ...
    Posted Sep 1, 2010, 4:50 AM by Will Pozzi
  • August 16 Telecon Agenda:Water Quality scenario usable for Beijing meeting.IGWCO coordination with AIP-3 working groupGCI leverage in water quality decision supportAttending:Josh Lieberman, Will Pozzi, Bill Sonntag, Tom ...
    Posted Aug 16, 2010, 12:31 PM by Will Pozzi
  • July 16 Telecon Agenda:    Scenario updates    Ontology - vocabulary updates    Liaison updatesAttending;Josh Lieberman, Will Pozzi, Bill Sonntag, Hervé Caumont, Brad Lee, Cristiano, DamienDiscussionJosh - Gulf of Maine scenario: scenario page under ...
    Posted Jul 16, 2010, 6:48 AM by Joshua Lieberman
  • July 9 Telecon Agenda:Water & Drought ontology & EuroGEOSS brokerWater quality scenarioEO2HEAVEN Health scenarioCoordination with Water Cycle Community of PracticeAttending;Josh Lieberman, Will Pozzi, Veronica Guidetti, Doug Cripe, Cristiano, Mattia ...
    Posted Jul 9, 2010, 8:28 AM by Will Pozzi
  • June 25 Telecon Agenda:Drought ontology update and EuroGEOSS coordinationWater quality scenario and next stepsEO2HEAVEN updateAttending:Josh Lieberman, Doug Cripe (Secretariat lead for global water cycle CoP)Discussion:Doug - Steve ...
    Posted Jun 25, 2010, 6:26 AM by Joshua Lieberman
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Issues and Discussions

Using the site  In Play P1 
Drought Severity Indicators http://www.drought.unl.edu/dm/archive/99/classify.htm In Play P1 
National Drought Mitigation Center Drought Susceptibility and Impact Trees  In Play P1 
GEO Water Cycle Community of Practice portlet http://www.earthobservations.org/geoss_wa.shtml In Play P1 
Global Page for GEO Water Drought Page http://drought.mssl.ucl.ac.uk/drought.html?map=%2Fwww%2Fdrought%2Fweb_pages%2Fdrought.map&program=%2Fcgi-bin%2Fmapserv&root=%2Fwww%2Fdrought2%2F&map_web_imagepath=%2Ftmp%2F&map_web_imageurl=%2Ftmp%2F&map_web_template=%2Fdrought.html In Play P1 
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Tasks and Deliverables

Scenarios and Use Cases

Comprehensive Drought Index  (EDO-based scenario)  Comprehensive Drought Index (EuroGEOSS and GENESIS FP7 Projects) 
Water Ontology for Semantics Use Case--CUAHSI base   http://water.sdsc.edu/hiscentral/startree.html 
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Resource NameResource LInkProvider / CreatorScenario Role
USA National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) http://www.drought.gov/portal/server.pt/community/drought.gov/map_viewer   
EuroGEOSS drought metadata client search utility http://eurogeoss.unizar.es/Search/Search.html   
Canada Prairie Drought Research Initiative (DRI) Drought Monitor http://www.meteo.mcgill.ca/~leiwen/vic/prairies/index2.html   
EDO http://edo.jrc.ec.europa.eu/php/index.php?action=view&id=201   
Princeton USA Drought Monitor http://hydrology.princeton.edu/~luo/research/FORECAST/current.php  color coding of water-deficient areas: green wetter than normal; yellow and red drier 
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Stefano Nativi    
Josh Lieberman    
Will Pozzi Water Group Lead  http://will.pozzi@gmail.com 
Mattia Santoro    
Mike Brewer Portal, Global Drought Monitor Portal NIDIS  
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Contributor Notes:

Please create child pages for details and discussion about each item listed on this page. Typically, active work will be carried out in draft form on the Google Groups pages for the working group, and then summarized and organized on the OGCNetwork pages.

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