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Brief description

Role and purpose: this use case describes the conditions and steps to register resources in the GEOSS Components and Services Registry (CSR) or in (registered) Community Catalogs.
This use case is a precondition to both discovery of resources through GEOSS Clearinghouses and

Basic flow of events


 Resource Registration in GEOSS Components and Services Registry or Community Catalog


 This use case covers making information about a GEOSS resource known to the GEOSS community, and "findable" through the GEOSS Clearinghouse, by either registering the resource directly with the GEOSS CSR or registering a community catalog / metadata service in which the resource has already been registered.

 Actors and Interfaces

  • Service Provider
  • GEOSS Components and Services Registry (CSR)
  • Community Catalog Provider

Initial Status and preconditions

  •  Service Provider has deployed an online resource of interest to GEOSS. For example:  a data access service, a catalog, a model, an observation service or another  process ( grid transformation or workflow).
  • Service Provider has registered their organization in the GEOSS CSR
  • (Recommended) Community Catalog (incl. Web Accessible Folder) Provider has made their service available for resource description registration.


(basic flow steps)

  1. Service Provider chooses between three alternatives:
    1. Determine the appropriate component and service types to describe the resource and register those directly in the CSR.
    2. Determine the appropriate component and service type for a metadata service / resource they have deployed and register that service in the CSR  in lieu of registering individual resources directly.
    3. Register their resource in a community catalog which has already been registered (possibly by another organization) in the CSR.
    Alternatives 1&2:
  1. Service Provider chooses a component type and registers the component corresponding to their resource in the CSR.
  2. Service provider determines that metadata about their resource appropriate to the service type(s) it represents is available through one or more Web links.
  3. Service provider chooses one or more service types to represent their resource and registers them with appropriate metadata links and update logistics.
  4. Service Provider, when registering a resource with the CSR, can associate the standards and interoperability arrangements used with the resource. See Use Case UC10.

 Post Condition

 The provided resource description or metadata holdings can be queried by a Clearinghouse and found by GEOSS users searching for useful resources.

Alternative flows of events


Special Requirements