Exploit Data

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Brief description

Role and purpose: this use case describes the conditions and steps for exploitation of datasets served through Web Services and online protocols.

Basic flow of events


  Exploit Data Visually and Analytically



 Actors and Interfaces

  • GEOSS User
  • GEOSS Common Infrastructure Registry
  • GEOSS Service Providers
  • Client application (GEO Portal, Community Portal, Desktop Application, portlet, etc)

Initial Status and preconditions

  • GEOSS User has selected discovered Services or Alerts and is now ready to use the data accessible via the those services for further exploitation, visualization and/r analysis
  • Client was able to successfully bind to selected Services or Alerts
  • Client can support visual and/or analytical exploitation of data


(basic flow steps)

  1. Client follows Access Services use cases to access data of interest from selected Services or Alerts of interest
  2. Client provides GEOSS User with exploitation options (processing, classification, comparison, advanced visualization, terrain modeling, etc) and their parameters (resolution, format, bands, etc)
    • Specialized and community-specific exploitation options go here
  3. Client presents GEOSS User with results of exploitation
    • Various options exist here from 3D visualization, to graphs, to coverages, etc
  4. Client presented GEOSS User with options to save, share or publish results
  5. GEOSS User may choose to publish results of exploitation as a new resource in the GEOSS Common Infrastructure Registry for others to discover and use
    • Refer to Use Case # 1
    • Results may be published as model outputs, new coverage in WCS, new document, context document, KML, layer in WMS, etc

 Post Condition

  • Client application provided GEOSS User with necessary tools to successfully exploit GEOSS resources in support for decision making task at hand
  • GEOSS User has the option to publish selected exploitation results as GEOSS resources in the GEOSS Infrastructure Registry (GEOSS User has sufficient metadata to meaningfully describe the new resources)

Alternative flows of events


Special Requirements