Energy Scenario Minutes and Actions

posted Mar 30, 2010, 11:42 PM by lionel menard   [ updated Mar 31, 2010, 12:18 AM ]
The Energy Scenario first meeting took place on Tuesday March 30. This face to face meeting gathers 14 attendees.

Lionel Menard made a short presentation following this agenda: (see attachments)
  • Communication matter 
  • Brief GCI recap 
  • End To End Use Cases
Isabelle Blanc made a presentation of the Energy Scenario: (see attachments)
  • Energy Scenario
Didier Beloin-Saint-Pierre made a presentation of Web Service Chaining Diagrams: (see attachments)
  • WS Chaining Diagrams

An open discussion between "Data Provider" (Mines ParisTech/EnerGEO/Ecoinvent) and GENESIS Team providing the GENESIS Platform addressed the following points following the End To End use Cases:
  • Web Services needed for the scenario (Mines ParisTech) -Deploy resource- 
  • Metadata, Catalogue and Registration (Mines ParisTech and GENESIS)-"Register resource-and -Harvest & Query via GEOSS Clearinghouse- 
  • Test and Deploy Web Services (Mines ParisTech) -Test Service- -Deploy Service- 
  • Interface Client development (GENESIS and Mines ParisTech) -Present Service-, -Interact with Service-, -Exploit Data Visually and Analytically- 
  • Construct and Deploy Workflow -Construct and Deploy Workflow- 
The following actions list has been defined:
  • For communication matters, Energy Scenario participants agree to register to the Energy Mailing List (
  • Participants that wish to become editors within this Collaborative Workspace, first go to this page and contact Josh Lieberman for further information 
  • Mines ParisTech (Benoit) with support of GENESIS (Jef, Simone and Steven) to deploy and test OGC WPS to ensure a proper integration in the GENESIS Platform
  • GENESIS (Jef and Simone) with Mines ParisTech (Lionel) to check the capacity of the GENESIS Platform to host Catalog and Metadata for GEOSS Registry process
  • GENESIS (Marc and Steven) and MinesParisTech (Benoit, Lionel) to further design the Graphical User Interface of the Visualization Tool (Portlet) in the GENESIS platform
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