Energy Scenario Meeting

posted Mar 27, 2010, 6:36 AM by lionel menard
A face to face meeting will be held on Tuesday March 30 18:00 Paris time at Mines ParisTech facility in Sophia Antipolis with the GENESIS Team.

Following the GEOSS Use Cases reference, discussions will cover the following topics:
  • Web Service needed for the scenario (Mines ParisTech) ("Deploy resource" GEOSS Use Case)
  • Metadata, Catalogue and Registration (Mines ParisTech and GENESIS) ("Register resource" and "Harvest & Query via GEOSS Clearinghouse" Use case)
  • Validation of a search for resources in the GEOSS Registry, Clearinghouse and GEOSS Portal candidates (Mines ParisTech)
  • Interface Client development (GENESIS and Mines ParisTech) ("Present Service", "Interact with Service", "Exploit Data Visually and Analytically" Use case)
  • Construct and Deploy Workflow ("Construct and Deploy Workflow" Use case)

Unfortunately no Telecon possibility on the meeting. Skype, though limited, is possible on my computer.
Report will be made in this collaborative web site.