Energy Scenario

This is a living document to describe the step by step Energy Scenario matching the GEOSS use cases.

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Use Case

Specialized Use Case



Policy planner, an Energy Operator and /or an Installer of Renewable Energy System  is searching for services providing value added information of the environmental impact of the use of energy on a given area. These services should be discovered by accessing GEOSS Portals (eg 

GEOSS Portal shall provide minimum information about available services and how to access them.

Search for resources in Registry, Clearinghouse, Community Catalogs and Portal.





Based on services found at Step 0, the Policy planner invokes a Client Application as a form of Visualization Portlets to initiate environmental impact assessment. 

Environmental impact assessment Web Services as single OGC WMS and WPS Web Services are also available for either direct access or further integration.

User presentation of information about available client applications and services.





Visualization Portlets are build upon chaining various OGC compliant Web Services (WMS, WFS, WPS). Visualization Portlets as well as Solar Radiation and Environmental Impact Assessment Web Services have been previously registered in the GEOSS Catalog and Service Registry (CSR) by the Community Resource Providers

In order to allow Search & Discovery mechanism the Community Resource Providers has previously deploy OGC Web Services,on the Energy Community Portal and test them with the available GEOSS  OGC Web Services Test tool. The Community Catalog Provider has created the appropriate Metadata and Catalog for harvesting purpose by the GEOSS Clearinghouse

Register resources in the GEOSS CSR.


Deploy and Test OGC Web Services. Create GEOSS compliant Metadata and Catalog for GEOSS Clearinghouse harvesting.





Visualization Portlets have been previously deployed on an Energy/Environment Community Portal.

According to he type of results expected, the Policy planner invokes Visualization Portlets and select the relevant parameters (POI or AOI, PV system, Environmental Impact Assessment Method, Azimut, Tilt) for his Environmental Impact Assessment study of a PV System

It is foreseen to have two different Visualization Portlet available for the scenario.

#1- One for selecting one or several Point Of Interest (POI). 

#2- One for selecting an Area Of Interest (AOI) 

According to the Policy Planner choices, Visualization Portlets invoke various OGC Web Services

Activity of client to interact with services for datasets, models, workflows, etc...

Use portals and clients application to exploit data visually and analytically.




- For case #1 the Visualization Portlet displays the results as maps layers (WMS) of Environmental Impact Indicators for a given Area Of Interest (AOI)

-For case #2 the Visualization Portlet displays the results as tabular and possibly graphical representation (WPS, WFS) of Environmental Impact Indicators for a given Point Of Interest (POI)

A download option of the Environmental Impact Indicator tabular data is provided.

Use portals and clients application to exploit data visually and analytically.




Reference to the GEOSS Data Providers, datasets, IPR (Intellectual Properties Rights), data quality, will be provided if appropriate within Visualization Portlets.

Register a resource.

Use portals and clients application to exploit data visually and analytically.



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