Telecon 19 April

posted Apr 15, 2010, 8:29 AM by Nadine Alameh   [ updated Apr 19, 2010, 8:07 AM by Joshua Lieberman ]

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  • Follow up on metadata and catalogs
    • Linking data to services and vice-versa
    • To some extent the ISO Application Profile tries to address this
    • Issue of man-to-many service-data relationships remains
    • Path may be a better practice of "fine-grained" service offering description, such as a link / description of a layer in a WMS or a feature collection in WFS.
    • Can the clearinghouse synthesize service calls corresponding to discovery queries?
    • Nadine - can we get confirmation of how and whether these relationships are important to the specific groups and scenarios? Plenary topic.
    • Also an issue that clearinghouses harvest "everything" from a registered community catalog. If the registration were more catalog specific, it could include, e.g. how to harvest just the GEOSS-specific records. Combination of "GEOSS" keyword and availability of GEOSS common record. Plenary topic.

    • Methodology for working with scenario groups on incorporating use cases
    • Do we need to move toward some "concrete - final" use cases for broader interoperability?
    • Larry - this is particularly relevant to developing an information viewpoint with shareable data types and framework data.
    • Josh - Need to distinguish the concrete from the still-abstract parts and communicate that in the scenario development methodology.
    • Nadine - propose to plenary that we have two weeks to decide on a couple of concrete use cases, so groups must weigh in on this.
    • E.g. register a community catalog offering GEOSS Common Record elements. Offer one or more fine-grained service access / description elements for each offered dataset resource.
    • Additional question - what concrete datatype and/or dataset will be shared between scenarios.
    • Another plenary  - Capture users, document their requirements and strategies.
    • Plenary question - schedule a methodology topic in each group telecon, or ad hoc methodology telecon?

  • Update on User Type Taxonomy 
    • Nadine - what we have is all there is for now. Not really enough information to work from yet.
    • Steve - Does UIC want technical assistance here?
    • Josh - provision for providers is still weak. We really need the input from the scenario groups on their user categories, definitions, common terms.
  • Reporting progress to plenary
  • Other topics from WG leaders?

  • Topics for next telecon
  • Josh Lieberman, Nadine Alameh, Erin Robinson, Steve Browdy, Larry McGovern, Herve Caumont, Masahiko Nagai,