Telecon 12 April

posted Apr 12, 2010, 7:06 AM by Joshua Lieberman   [ updated Apr 15, 2010, 8:28 AM by Nadine Alameh ]

Preliminary Agenda

  • Metadata and catalogs
  • Follow up on GEOSS Common Record discussion: GEOSS Record Fields

  • How to setup community catalog (question from Energy)
  • Strategy for links in metadata, for data access, and in the BP Wiki 
  • Refinement and usage of the scenario template:
  • Quick follow up on user taxonomy
  • Other topics?
  • Nadine A, Josh L, Steve B, Lionel M, Erin R, Robert T, Manfred M, Simone G


Lionel Menard - Energy group is going to a set of WMS and WPS services. What would the best approach be for registration.

  • Direct registration - reference online metadata
  • Community catalog  - CSW or WAF
  • Use of a catalog subset, e.g. from Compusult

  • WAF works most easily, but creates a number of maintenance issues.
  • Manfred - Inspire compliant catalog for Austria "inspires" 
  • Josh - Identity and completeness issues. A "fresh" energy catalog would provide the opportunity to work on its federation interface to GEOSS 
  • gmd:parentID is a candidate, but is used elsewhere for identifying dataseries, so still ambiguous
  • Nadine: are there a small number of GEOSS additional elements we can ask for, whether they are also part of standard elements?
  • Steve: can we define a standalone GEOSS record and then have community catalogs register mappings from their available elements?
  • Josh: the variety of registration paths are going to continue to cause problems. Would it be possible to work towards only registering catalogs / metadata sources with the CSR?


  • Energy should work towards a CSW-based community catalog to register in the CSR
  • We should establish a GEOSS record which facilitates federation, regardless of particular standards.
  • Catalog providers should then be tasked with registering mappings from their record holdings to the GEOSS record elements.
  • Defer metadata links discussion (child - parent, service - data, data - service) to next week