September 20 Telecon

posted Sep 20, 2010, 4:56 AM by Joshua Lieberman   [ updated Sep 20, 2010, 11:10 AM by Will Pozzi ]

1) Processing use cases
2) How do the engineering use cases play in the scenarios
3) Discuss a stand-alone scenario for e2e
4) GCR and collection entities


Greg Yetman could not attend. We will try to set up a Thursday call for processing.

Josh - Issue of when to harvest and when to distribute. Collection - granule is a good paradigm, but needs to be specified for each catalog.

Michael - GCMD is "only" collections, ~21000 records. Need to see if there is a queryable update field so that clearinghouse can do incremental harvest.

Hervé - there was an INSPIRE activity

Will - Water group is interested in the semantic interoperability and its ability to require GCI assistance for mediation and discovery.

Josh - for the future, it is clear for better semantic interoperability that GCI needs to manage vocabularies / ontologies. Whether brokers should be semantic infrastructure or just other components needs to be considered. Interesting also whether it is time to develop a common decision-making use case.

Hervé - at least we can start collecting exemplar decision-making tools from AIP-3 to examine whether there is a common process.

Will - GEOSS activities include decision support tools which are accessible through the GEO portal (community SBA portlets), along with supporting IT activities, including both search and discovery and interoperability of applications (including decision support tools).  Upon roll-out, the Water Working Group drought scenario listed farmers; now we are starting to involve decision makers (operational drought managers) in the pilot activities. Development of the decision support tool side will require more contact with the GEO Secretariat with the SBAs (we already have a good relationship for Water).  More reach out to the political side of GEO to help develop decision support tools that can test GCI (such as the Global Drought Monitor is testing interoperability).

Hervé - QA4EO is doing some outreach to the GEO secretariat to connect better data quality with decision making.

Anyone interested in examining how the use cases play or don't play a role in the scenarios is invited to join this call, and/or contact me about adding this agenda item to their own group's telecon agenda.


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