May 17 Telecon

posted May 17, 2010, 6:21 AM by Joshua Lieberman   [ updated May 17, 2010, 7:52 AM ]

  1. Quality metadata in 19119
  2. Slides for pretoria
  3. Engineering Use Cases
  4. Users, User Analysis

    Josh Lieberman, Ted Habermann, Steve Browdy, Erin Robinson


    Ted - There are usability elements which are general, but Nicolas Lesage is working on a more specific update. Perhaps we can test that out in a "practice" for filling out the elements.
        There is a new ISO task for data quality (19156?).

    Steve - there is a data sharing requirement that a GEOSS user can access some measure of quality for each resource.

    Josh - in some way, a general user needs an idea of the intended application to judge data quality measures

    Lionel - There is a first level of "is there data quality information available?", then a level of quality measures and their value.

    Ted - information for general usage would be hard, but perhaps data could be compared to reference data sets for well known applications.

    Josh - perhaps first action is to add a data quality "status" to the GEOSS Common Record, with 4-5 values.


    Propose data quality status element to common record.
    Postpone other agenda items to next week.