July 16 Ad Hoc

posted Jul 15, 2010, 11:55 AM by Joshua Lieberman   [ updated Jul 16, 2010, 8:18 AM ]


    EuroGEOSS Broker - Clearinghouse Connection

    Ontology management

    End-2-end with the GEOSS Common Record

    Status with Clearinghouse harvest

    Other business


Josh Lieberman, Kai, Wenwen, Yuqi, Erin, Will, Doug, Steve Browdy


Josh - broker providers not available to talk, but hope for demonstration of broker federation to clearinghouse in the near future. The broker has a repository which is mainly based on SKOS relationships
Steve - can new terms be added dynamically?
Will - it's a protected system, but new vocabularies can be submitted.
Josh - ontology management: broker has a repository which can be visualized, but is not really "open", so something like MMI might be a better choice. It could also serve as a "community catalog".
Doug - University of Tokyo is setting up an ontology facility, but the extent and availability of that facility as a community catalog is not yet defined. Easy enough to add vocabulary as a component type.
Josh - main issue is linking other resources to the vocabularies they use for content and description. If they can be discovered in the CSR / clearinghouse, that's an initial benefit. Could also consider a vocabulary as an interoperability arrangement for the standards registry as well.
Steve - Isn't that good a fit to the standards registry, but could also be an interim measure.
Yuqi - registration is one step, but a repository is critical.
Doug - a repository is really the domain of the ontology task, but AIP-3 could experiment with this.
Josh - a repository would need to support reference from metadata and also reference from external mappings which facilitate broker function.
Doug - Action for a joint session with the semantics and ontology group to define and implement this experiment.
Steve - Where should mappings be managed / registered / discovered?
Josh - as a loose set of information resources, I propose that mappings be entered into the Best Practices Wiki for now as contributed information
Doug - there is an (attached) presentation about the clearinghouse which GMU will show .
Josh - we should assemble the GEOSS Common Record as a proposal for mapping to-from ISO elements so that providers, catalogs operators, and users can leverage them correctly.
Erin - is there a mapping from AQ ISO 19139 record to Clearinghouse 19139 or not needed?
Steve - is it possible to add a queryable property to the Clearinghouse interface? For example, usage constraints are not presently queryable.
Doug - mapping into ISO is pretty comprehensive, there are a good number of queryables in the capabilities, and there is always anyText. Architecture supports adding a field to the queryable index.
Josh - good to know that we can both experiment by way of qualified keywords and propose new queryables if the "catch on"


Develop the GCR proposal table as guidance to e2e field usage.

Next meeting:

Propose a joint meeting next Thursday (22 July) at 14h00 UTC between e2e/clearinghouse and semantics/ontology groups to nail down vocabulary management experiment and roadmap.


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