August 9 Telecon

posted Aug 8, 2010, 8:56 PM by Joshua Lieberman   [ updated Aug 9, 2010, 8:28 AM ]
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Josh Lieberman, Will Pozzi, Erin Robinson, Steve Browdy


Review of GEOSS Common Record (GCR) proposal: proposed fields, and mapping indicators to/from 19139 elements, FGDC, CSW (Queryable / Full), and DIF. FIeld for INSPIRE elements yet to be filled in.

1) Distinguish GCR elements as queryable, brief, summary, full.
1.5) Look at data quality and usage constraints elements in this same light, e.g. one data quality and one usage constraint status field queryable, several fields returnable (e.g. attribution field).
2) Describe more complete definition / format for queryable properties to improve findability, then describe transformations or improvements to be made by metadata providers in order to close the loop on discovery (e.g. geographic extent really does mean observational footprint).
3) Limitation on queryable parameters does not mean that a portal cannot a) utilize/offer fulltext search of other fields or b) provide further local filtering of clearinghouse results. Erin showed uFind as an example of the latter. This clearly has limitations if the initial query returns more than ~1000 records to be filtered, but is at least a start for effective discovery.
4) Also will need to designate which GCR elements are applicable to which resource types (e.g. dataset, service, "dataservice", application).


Add the elements and GCR categorizations described above.
Perhaps translate to a Sites page for easier comment and consensus.
Solicit feedback from data providers and clearinghouse people.

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Monday, August 16


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