DH telecon: September 9th, 2010

posted Sep 1, 2010, 12:59 AM by Hervé Caumont   [ updated Sep 20, 2010, 7:10 AM ]

Telecon summary

1. QA4EO : contact and work plan initiated (details here below)
2. Joint telecon with the DA-09-01b GEO task, presenting the GIGAS contribution to AIP-3.
     Confirmed Sept.10th, dial-in details and slides uploaded here
     QA4EO team invited to attend


- Peter Walker, Plymouth Marine Lab.
- Dan Cornford, Aston Univ.
- George Percivall, OGC IP Team
- Hervé Caumont, ERDAS & OGC IP Team


GEOSS Best Practices Wiki
  • No new update
  • Hervé to check with Brad Lee and Will Pozzi for the Water domain resources usefull to the Data Harmonisation topic
  • George : probably complementary to the upcoming registry for Ontologies, to be hosted by the GCI
  • Hervé :  telecon on Sept 8th with Dave Smith (QA4EO Sec) and Rob Koopman (GEO Sec)
    • to present AIP and look for coordination with QA4EO team
    • AIP invited to attend the QA4EO Workshop preparation meeting (see details here below)
  • Dan : also discussed the QA4EO Workshop (to be held in April 2011) with Dave Smith
    • Quality indicators not only, but also propagation
    • The QA4EO Workshop would be located at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL)
  • Hervé : contacted Lionel Ménard (AIP Renewable Energy WG) following its offered contribution to the QA4EO « GEO » Implementation team
    • General topic of trusting the quality of measurements for products obtained by processing satellite images coupled with other geographical info, e.g., elevation, sea/land. Can be further discussed with Dan.
    • Practical topic of applying the QA4EO guidelines (within some end-to-end quality chain) : envisionned, but the priority is on transitioning to OGC standards during AIP-3. Hervé to look for potential quick wins given the actual scenario & implementation.
    • Dan : Quick Wins still look quite difficult to achieve form the uncertWeb point of view
    • Hervé : agreed. We could anyway look at the actual AIP-3 scenarios when implementing the metadata topics… Or working with WPS servers… and identify QA4EO linkages
  • George : is there an Encoding for QA4EO ? May be existing…
    • Dan says UncertML is precisely aimed at this. How can actions to have QA4EO to adpot uncertML be concerted with AIP ?
    • George : but some other schema for describing Provenance might exist… is QA4EO anticipating to use TC211 encodings… ?
    • Dan: ISO 19115 is in the scope for sure, maybe 19157 rules of the data quality of the elements ?

Environmental models and uncertainty management

  •  Peter : NetMar and uncertML
    • A first AIP-3 schedule may be available on next DH meeting
    • Comparison between the models and in-situ data
    • PML registered service on the CSR
  • Dan : UncertWeb report has 3 use cases described (link published on the DH WG page)


Extended meeting – invitation from QA4EO team

Dave Smith (STFC, QA4EO Sec)
Pascal Lecomte (Head - Climate Office at European Space Agency)
Marie-Claire Greening (QA4EO Sec)
Greg Stensaas (USGS)
Nigel Fox (NPL)
Giuseppe Ottavianelli (ESA)
Hervé Caumont (OGC / AIP)
  • AIP-2 videos much appreciated by Dave
  • Review of actions from the last meeting for planning the April QA4EO workshop
    • QA4EO is progressivly going out of the Space/EO world
    • ESA study to integrate QA4EO as an ICSS standard…
    • Cal/Val links with In Situ data
  • Discussion on impacts of the title for the workshop, especially towards GEO communities / SBAs
  • Hervé also asked about the standards for encoding :
    • QA4EO mentions standards for software development (e.g. ICSS from ESA, others for NASA)
    • But more generally beware that QA4EO framework itends to be quite agnostic (more seen as a ‘best practice’ related to Capacity Building)
  • Topics would be discussed with Dave during the joint AIP/GIGAS/DA-09-01b telecon on Sept 10th
  • Actions for AIP :
    • A basic path to ‘move forward’ would consist in ‘mapping’ relevant encoding standard onto actual QA4EO best practices. This could be done within SBAs, seen as domains having specific needs. AIP could look for the ‘common ground’ in terms of encoding standards.
    • Practicalities of implementing QA4EO within AIP scenarios: QA4EO is a translation of best practice that are in some instances derived from ISO stds. As is, QA4EO does not require a particular standard (merely, where a standard is implemented to support Quality Assurance, then this should be identified).
    • Hervé to coordinate with QA4EO team, to look forward case studies from AIP, underpining that some of the actual AIP work matches already a given QA4EO BP or Procedure. Would provide ‘AIP Feedbback/Contributors’ for the QA4EO workshop in April.