DH Telecon: June 24th, 2010

posted Jun 28, 2010, 6:17 AM by Hervé Caumont   [ updated Jun 28, 2010, 8:02 AM ]
Telecon summary

Roundtable, recap of Data Harmonization WG action items, review of potential cross-WG synergies.
1) Introduce on the DH Mailing list Dan and Peter ideas of collaboration (Hervé, start email thread for further elaboration on the list)
2) Contact people from QA4EO to engage discussions on Data Quality management wrt Spatial Data Services harmonization rules & constraints (Hervé)
3) Initiate on the DH Mailing List a discussion on Data Harmonization with regard to Environmental models (Brad)
4) Propose terminology assets like Water Ontology for the GEOSS Standards Registry (with goal to register more of such assets)


- Peter Walker / Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) : Remote Sensing group, keen on using OGC standards, working on WPS, project NetMar, publish, use of ncWMS solution from Reading e-Science Centre..
- Dan Cornford / Aston University : management of uncertainties, uncertWeb project, ...
- Brad Lee / CSIRO : ICT Research Center. Use case specification stage (contribution to AIP-3). HydroSoft, serving Water / Harmonized hydrology model, with 52°North for SOS.
- Josh Lieberman / OGC : Semantics WG co-lead, End-to-End Engineering WG co-lead
- Hervé Caumont  /OGC : Data Harmonisation WG co-lead


On Geographical Features :
Presentation of the GIGAS report "D2.2b Data Interoperability TN-FINAL", revision 101, which describes some relevant scenarios for using data across initiatives.
Notably, the HUMBOLDT Integrated Project has the main objective of facilitating data harmonisation for the INSPIRE and GMES initiatives. A set of scenario prototypes has been defined that require cross-border and cross-theme data
integration, leading to the identification of interoperability requirements in different application areas.

On Geophysical parameters:
- Dan : assets are usually based on O&M, Feature types and Controlled vocabularies, more recently ontologies (processable), like and WaterML and current work wthin MetOcean WG.
- Brad : facing here a technology puzzle, so attending to the AIP-3 Semantics Working Group, because current vocabularies are not complete. People tend to profile O&M for example to use it in their domains…
    -> Best Practices on how to Profile is to be considered.
- Dan : will be happy to contribute to this. Driven by use cases to create uncertainty propagation in WS chaining.
Also interest to integrate this with the QA4EO work : need to write a sort of clarifying document on the relationships between uncertainty propagation and the data quality frameworks + QA4EO (need about 1 month)
- Brad : in the AIP-3 Water WG, there might be an opportunity to register some of the available Terminology. Action to registering the Water ontology.

On Environmental models :
- No standards (shall discuss with OpenMI, openModel people…)
- Peter : use a WPS to compare statistical measures. Work with NetCDF for environmental models…
- Josh : use of CF- convention for Environmental models. SEDRIS or ISO 19126 exists but… not used

Hervé Caumont,
Jun 28, 2010, 6:22 AM