DH Telecon: July 8th, 2010

posted Jul 2, 2010, 4:10 AM by Hervé Caumont   [ updated Jul 20, 2010, 6:55 AM ]

Telecon summary

1) Ideas of collaboration for AI Pilot Phase 3 initiated as a DH WG thread
2) 'GEO' QA4EO Implementation Team (newly created) : an opportunity to discuss Data Quality management wrt Spatial Data Services harmonization rules & constraints
3) Data Harmonization with regard to Environmental models - Identified DH assets are UncertML and OpenMI
4) Terminology & Ontology assets as toolsets for DH : now managed threads within DH WG, and a coordination topic with AIP Semantics WG
5) Cross-border datasets harmonization issues within AIP scenario : to be checked/considered for DH WG support (so far, Water Drought scenario)

Attendees - Roundtable

- Dan Cornford, Aston University
- Mike Grant, Plymouth Marine Lab
- Will Pozzi, AIP Water WG lead
- Yuki Bai, GEOSS Components & Registry
- Steve Browdy, IEEE & OGC IP Team
- Hervé Caumont, ERDAS & OGC IP Team


Pending action items regarding exchange of ideas for AIP collaboration, from DH WG Participants
- PML & Aston University are under discussion, for a proposition of shared requirements for collaboration on the Pilot
- Check NETMAR project : take satellite & model data to analyse differences, adding uncertainty management to that
- Some GEOSS Registrations have already been done:
    o UncertML is registered on the SIF / SIR as a standard (Pending status) : http://seabass.ieee.org/groups/geoss/index.php?option=com_sir_200&Itemid=157&ID=289

Discussion on WaterML / forecasting surface water use case
- Will : question of the existence of any type of section within GEOSS where we could register ontologies & vocabularies
- Steve : the ontology task is supposed to address this… WaterML is legitimate to be registered in the GEOSS Standards Registry. Water Ontology is something else.
- Will : shall send an email to check with Brad. Question of ontology documents that should be stored in an operational, functional GEOSS system…
- Steve : so far there is no registry for Ontologies, indicates URLs to consider :
    o MMI Ontology Registry and Repository http://marinemetadata.org/mmiorrusrman
    o Some work undergoing within AIP Biodiversity WG (tbc)
    o If you just have a text / XML description of an ontology : go to the Best Practices Wiki
- Will : use of CMAPTools / OWL files. http://cmap.ihmc.us/
- Steve : CMAP have been used also in the SIF to generate an OWL file for it

Discussion on Environmental models and uncertainty management
- Brad Lee sent to the DH list the draft workplan for Use Case 2 (hydrological forecasting) within SWIE : feeding forecast models and linking to services
- OpenMI : well known framework still under consideration. A presentation of OpenMI interface was made at the Hydrology Domain working group

Information on QA4EO implementation team for “GEO” (http://qa4eo.org/)
- QA4EO announces the creation of a GEO QA4EO Implementation team
- GEO task AR-09-01b (AIPilot) to be represented

Information on the ‘Data Harmonization’ topics presented during the INSPIRE 2010 Conference (June 22nd-25th 2010)
- INSPIRE : summary email sent to the list on July 8th
- Hervé will create a page on the AIP Google Site

Contributions to the GEOSS Best Practices Wiki
- Need to follow the procedure indicated on the Wiki to create a user/pwd
- Hervé to work with Will Pozzi to create a category to host current discussion items on ontologies in support of Data Harmonization tasks