DH telecon: August 26th, 2010

posted Jul 23, 2010, 12:34 PM by Hervé Caumont   [ updated Sep 3, 2010, 3:06 AM ]

Telecon summary

 1) GEOSS Best Practices Wiki, probably useful for PML, CSIRO and ASTON Univ. to share their WPS experiences
 2) Joint telecon with the DA-09-01b GEO task, presenting the GIGAS contribution to AIP-3.
     Ken McDonald (NOAA), and Andrew Wolf (STFC, GIGAS) are OK for booking Sept.10th (yet to be confirmed)
     Environmental models and uncertainty management : that topic would be part of the GIGAS presentation on Sept.10th
 3) QA4EO : Hervé to contact Rob Koopman (GEO Sec.) to find the right PoC, and initiate a QA4EO work plan with the DH group.


- Peter Walker, Jorge Mendes de Jesus, Mike Grant, Plymouth Marine Lab. (PML)
- Brad Lee, CSIRO
- Steve Browdy, OGC IP Team
- George Percival, OGC IP Team
- Hervé Caumont, ERDAS & OGC IP Team


ADC committee meeting in Ankara. Steve B. to ask about feedback on the GEOSS CSR :
- Preparation of the interoperability day
- Feedback from GEOSS communities on the types of problems they had while implementing GEOSS standards (e.g. Registries)
- PML says the NetMar Portal will be registered on the GEOSS CSR

Update from PML:
- Spoke about EU FP7 NetMar project.

GEOSS Best Practices Wiki :
- discussion on how to describe a WPS and the processes it offers...
- the CSIRO will put the "Provenance" project details and WaterML v2 project details on Data Harmonization wiki.
- the CSIRO has an outstanding task to update the Best Practices Wiki with Water Ontotolgy offering.

- the documents referenced in the QA4EO questionaire attached to this site can be found at the following link.
- Brad & Hervé initiated a Data Usability, Computing trust page for this work item. Open for contributors !

After telecon : due to repeated telecon quality issues with Australia (Brad), Herve & Brad downloaded Google video and voice to trial instead of DimDim/Skype, which is proving unreliable. Google video and voice seemed to work well. Another option is to find a telecon provider covering local calls from Australia.