Collaboration Logistics


Information here on using collaboration tools for AIP-3. Feel free to add your own comments, hints, and tricks to this page. Just remember it is publicly accessible so go easy on posting email addresses and libelous observations.

Google Sites

While there are pages for both the functional activities and the scenario groups, there will be functional area pages under End2Engineering and we recommend that specializations of these be created under the general functions, then linked back from the specific scenario pages. This will help us to improve the commonality and reusability of the functions themselves.

Google Calendar

The calendar gadget on the front Sites page is connected to the "plenary" calendar. Clicking on the icon in the lower right corner will bring you to the calendar itself, where you can add and update events. You will need to refresh the Sites page afterward in order to see changes. You can also click on an item, then "more information" to go to the calendar. The calendar is presently set for GMT time, so please include a link to the world time site for the time of your event.


Telecons may use OGC teleconference bridges if OGC members set them up, or Dimdim bridges, or others (e.g. Be sensitive to the access costs for all your participants (frequently a problem with Australia).  Skype-out is a low cost option for participants to use to call in to long distance teleconference numbers.

An agenda should be published in the Telecons and Events announcement page for your group. Notes should be taken for every telecon. They can be typed directly into the announcement page. Alternately, they can be developed collaboratively in  etherpad or Google Wave (as long as everyone collaborating has an invited Wave account), then copied over to the telecon page (e.g. export as HTML from etherpad).

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are managed by the OGC Mailman utility. A summary of all AIP mailing lists is available.  Archives, mailing addresses, etc. are accessible through the links in the bottom of each message.

DimDim provides a web conferencing facility, including teleconference as well as shared desktop, whiteboard, video, etc. The free version permits up to 20 participants and one videocam. The "Pro" version ($25./mo) adds up to 50 users, two videocams, and session recording as well. One person or representative creates an account and may then schedule sessions. This generates a link which can be emailed or posted for others to use in joining the session. As with Webex, there is a teleconference bridge for PSTN telephone participants. but there is no general VOIP access.