Attendees: Mattia Santoro (MS), Ben Domenico (BD), Gregoire Dubois (GD), Jorge de Jesus (JJ), Doug Nebert (DN), Will Pozzi (WP).


Meeting Chair: Mattia Santoro;

Minute taker: Mattia Santoro.


The chair asked participants to provide an update for each use scenario:

·      e-Habitat scenario: two components in development.

o   One the discovery augmentation component. MS provides an update about this component (which extends the EuroGEOSS broker functionalities by expanding queries with keywords discovered through an ontology/SKOS repository). An alpha release is scheduled for the next week in order to start testing with partners.

o   The other main component is the e-Habitat WPS. JJ and GD provide an update about the component. A draft release is scheduled for Monday in order to start testing interoperability with other components. JJ provides technical details about the WPS. The model uses three raster layers as input and accesses them through a WCS interface.  Participants discussed about several aspects of this scenario (interoperability of WPS with discovery services, available access services, etc.).

·      Arctic SDI scenario: DN provides a detailed description of the scenario. BD asks which specific resources will be used in the scenario, in particular which services will be used to retrieve data in the desired projection (Polar) and type (point data rather than gridded data). DN specifies that NCDC data can be used and that a collaboration with GMU is active in order to retrieve data in the desired format and projection. BD says he can provide WCS service in order to access gridded climate forecasts.


MS gives an update about the status of the Bio&CC WG google site page.


DN asks when to have the next telecon.


MS proposes the end of July and will set up a doodle poll to decide the precise day.


GD proposes to have a telecon dedicated to the e-Habitat WPS on Tuesday (13th of July) because Jorge will leave JRC on the 15th of July. A doodle poll will be set up in order to decide the time for the telecon.