Biodiversity&CC Telecon 16th June 2010

Attendees: Stefano Nativi(SN), Mattia Santoro (MS), Stephen Peedeel (SP), Grogoire Dubois (GD), Yuqi Bai(YB), Doug Nebert (DN).


Meeting Chair: Stefano Nativi;

Minute taker: Mattia Santoro.


The chair asked participants to provide an update for each  use scenario:

·      GD, SP, and MS provided an update of the e-Habitat scenario: it is developing the component for a semantics aware query and a WPS is being developed in order to run the e-Habitat model;

·      YB provided an update of the GeoBrain scenario: it is consolidating its portal and  federated catalog components.

·      DN provides an update about the Arctic SDI: it is working on the interoperability arrangements to collect resources from IPCC (WMS) and NCAR (WMS, WCS)


Participants discussed about the next steps to be taken by each scenario with particular attention to Semantics aspects.


SN: the e-Habitat scenario is going to use GEMET and SBA thesauri with SKOS relations. He asked whether other scenarios plan to use thesauri and/or different ontologies.

YB: the GeoBrain scenario is experimenting with a set of semantic terms to implement mediation functionalities and discovery.


SN outlined the importance to try to re-use the resources provided by the scenarios linking them.


MS outlined the strong relationship between the CC&Bio scenarios and the Semantics transverse WG.


SP asked outlined the importance to write the story board of the demos considering that the ministerial meeting audience is mainly comprised of not technician people. He suggested to include the necessary expertise to communicate the right message to the Decision Makers..


DG asked when and where the demo capture is going to be captured. SN and DN answered that this is going to be in early October, while it is not yet clear whether there will be a specific venue to meet and capture the demos.


The next telecon is scheduled for 8th July 2010.