Biodiversity&CC Telecon 12th November 2010

Attendees: Stefano Nativi (SN), Mattia Santoro (MS), Stephen Peedell (SP), Grogoire Dubois (GD), Jon Olav Skoien (JO), Cristiano Fugazza (CF), Will Pozzi (WP), Roman Cheng (RC).


Meeting Chair: Stefano Nativi;

Minute taker: Mattia Santoro.


RC tries to connect but experiences problems with dimdim.


The chair introduced the goal of the Engineering Report (ER) for Biodiversity and Climate Change and pointed out the input from the plenary telecon to have one only ER for each WG.

SN: proposes to coordinate the ER editing supported by EuroGEOSS team.

Participants agree.

SN: will contact WG co-leaders to agree on the decision.


MS: proposes to structure the ER with two main sections, one for each use scenario

  • e-Habitat
  • Arctic SDI


SP: proposes JRC to contribute scientific inputs to e-Habitat section

GD: asks which is the deadline for delivering the ER

MS: ERs are due within the 15th of December


SN: proposes a timeline for the e-Habitat section:

  • First draft by CNR within the 19th of November with technological contributions.
  • JRC adds scientific contributions within the end of November
  • CNR finalizes the e-Habitat section


Participants agree


SN: will contact Arctic SDI group to retrieve contribution about their scenario


Discussion with WP and CF about common components used by Bio&CC, Water and Semantics WGs.

SN and WP (and MS) agree that there is no reason to prepare separate reports for the Biodiversity and Water SBA Working Groups, since the EuroGEOSS broker and semantic augmentation is a common methodology: a common report can be prepared for both.

CF and WP agree that encoding the water ontology into the Semantic Augmentation Component of the EuroGEOSS broker is a common high point of AIP-3, coinciding with development of the Global Drought Monitor.  CF and WP likewise agree that there is little reason to prepare separate reports for the Water and Semantic Working Groups on the water ontology effort: a common report can be used by both groups.  The Water Working Group will have more to add in its report, i.e., a section by Stefan Niemeyer (on EDO) and a section on the Global Drought Monitor (which will also include EDO).  There will be overlap between Stefan and Stefano (and Mattia) on the EDO section, as well.