Publishing and Finding Services Using GCI

From the Data Provider perspective: 

1. Publish data as a service. 

The AQ Community's convention is to use OGC Web Coverage Services and Web Map Services 

Example service: 


Validate the service to ensure that it is compliant  (ESA Validator)

2. Describe the data and service with metadata for finding and accessing possibly with AQ Community conventions. 

3. Publish the metadata record in a catalog 

Community Catalog is a Web Accessible Folder:

4. Register the catalog in GEOSS Component and Service Registry

5. Search the GEOSS Clearinghouse for your own components and test services in GEO and Community portals  

Example Search:

From a Data User perspective

1. Search the Community or GEO Portal for data 

Example Community Application: AQ uFIND

2. Request additional information about the data

3. Access the data through the service interface

Erin Robinson,
Apr 29, 2010, 6:54 AM