AQH Metadata

To see the set of proposed standard fields: GEOSS Record FIelds

This page explains the current metadata record for the Air Quality Community Catalog. This record is expected to evolve with community participation as well as comply to various metadata standards.   The Air Quality Metadata record is built using the ISO 19115 and 19119 standards. ISO 19139 is the companion xml schema that encodes the metadata. ISO 19115 is a standard for geospatial dataset metadata that is registered in the GEOSS Standard Registry. ISO 19119 is the standard for geospatial services metadata and is also registered in the GEOSS Standard Registry

The spreadsheet below identifies all of the fields in the AQ Comm Record, which standard(s)/group are they needed for. The table also gives a description of what each field is and how it's filled either with a standard (constant for all records) or a variable, meaning it changes from record to record. To access and edit this spreadsheet, see the google docExample AQ Community Catalog records can be found in the AQ community catalog folder.

To comply with the ISO 19115 Standard: 
ISO 19115 requires 21 core elements (green boxes) in order to be considered a valid ISO 19115 record. The intial AQ Community Catalog record includes the core elements. 

To comply with INSPIRE: 
INSPIRE is a tool that creates ISO 19115/19119 records. It is developed by European Commission. During AIP-2, we used this tool to create our initial record.  

To comply with GEOSS Clearinghouse:
The GEOSS Clearinghouse says that all records must have the OGC Core queryable fields (10 fields) in order to be found in the Clearinghouse. (NEED TO CHECK THIS)

To comply with CSW 2.0.2: 
The GEOSS Clearinghouses and GEOSS Standard Registry also say that a Catalog Service for the Web (CSW) is the standard service interface to interface with the Clearinghouse. The AQ Community Catalog currently does not have a CSW interface, however the AQH Metadata record was created to comply with the fields required for the ISO 19115 profile of CSW. 

The CSW 2.0.2 ISO profile includes the OGC Core queryable elements as well as additional queryable properties common to all information resources, queryable properties common to datasets and queryable properties common for services. 

Air Quality Catalog Specific Fields: 
Additional fields have been added to the AQH Metadata record in order to make the datasets registered in GEOSS more easily found and accessed by Air Quality end users. These fields are still very much in flux.