Water Quality Session Notes

Initial Introductions - 20 minutes

Leader: Brad Lee
Rapporteur: Josh Lieberman

  • Try to keep online, collaborative notes to document discussions
  • Keep in mind to begin with understanding of present and potential users for scenarios in order to have a broad understanding of needed facilities and approach
  • Working from engineering use cases will facilitate modeling of the resulting scenarios.
  • How are capabilities registered (organization - component - service paradigm)?
  • Recommendation to make components available at least through a Web Map Service
  • Relation between AIP-3 pilot and other activities, e.g. Interoperability Experiments -> serendipity but no formal relationships
  • Licensing - cascading licenses versus re-licensing with re-distribution.
  • GCI is available now for registration / harvest / query and has much available content. Further contribution and refinement is expected. Emphasis on query through both portal user interfaces and CSW service interfaces.
  • Decision support procedures do not have to be fully / automatically implemented. They can start as "recipes" in the Best Practice Wiki.
  1. Stefano Nativi - EuroGEOSS / Genesys FP-7 drought scenario and use cases. Several components and services. Also broker services utilizing vocabularies and ontologies for discovery (Cristiano Fugazza & Mattia Santoro). Relation to Stefan Niemeyer and European Drought Network.
  2. Steve Peedel - JRC / EuroGEOSS primarily working on biodiversity scenarios - tropical / subtropical zones, but looking at water monitoring and may be able to contribute same. Process role is also to advise on connecting thematic experts to GEOSS publication / sharing.
  3. Vojko Bratina EC / EuroGEOSS / EO2Heaven / FP-7 possible project connections, e.g. hypoxia in european waters.
  4. Liping Di - availability of agricultural datasets.
  5. Will Pozzi (presented by Brad Lee). Specific interest in soil moisture monitoring / prediction wrt agricultural issues. Initial focus on global scale.
  6. Kym Watson - EO2Heaven interest in water quality related to cholera scenario
  7. Veronica Guietti - ESA working with FAO on water quality monitoring of inland and ocean waters for human and eco health, including aquaculture and
    fisheries resources assesment. Also ocean and coastal water color / chlorophyll a.
    Possible role for QA4EO as well in water quality / marine biodiversity.
    Some of the related ESA projects are CoastColour, MARCOAST, EO Jelly, SeaGrass Monitoring e Ballast Water.
  8. Bradley Lee - CSIRO - South Esk flow forecast.
  9. François Marques - EO2Heavan.

There are two scenarios that will be considered - water quality and drought.

Suggestion that we should focus on a geographical region for each scenario.  Suggestions so far:

water quality:  Mozambique
drought: ?

A separate meeting will be held for each scenario.  The leaders for each scenario are to schedule weekly(?) meetings as follows:
water quality:  Veronica Guietti/François Marques to arrange a time convenient for Europe time as major contributors are based in Europe.
drought: Stefano Nativi/Liping Di/Will Pozzi to arrange a time convenient for US/Australian time as major contributors are based outside of Europe.

  • Identify Users
  • Assess transverse Use cases - speak to Larry McGovern
  • Target of May for fleshed-out scenarios for drought and for water quality - describe workflows.