Session: Water Quality & Drought

Session Leaders

  • Will Pozzi
  • Brad Lee
  • Stefano Nativi

Session Topics / Scenarios

  • Water Quality
  • Drought

Response Summary

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 Primary Participants
  • Pozzi Team 
  • DRI
 Contributing Participants
  • Compusult
  • EO2Heaven
  • GMU
  • JAXA
 Scenarios and Use Cases            
  • Water supply restriction decisions based on flow monitoring and forecast models (CSIRO)
  • Stakeholder access to drought-related water supply information (DRI)
  • Water quality and cholera prediction models (EO2Heaven)
  • Drought prediction and alert (GENESIS FP7)
  • Drought and crop production monitoring (Pozzi)
 Data and Metadata
  • Framework data e.g. population (CIESIN)
  • Hydrologic Sensor Web for current and historical river flow observations (CSIRO)
  • Prairie water supply, moisture datasets (DRI) 
  • Mozambique water quality data
  • Drought index (EDO)
  • Soil moisture processed from AMSR-E (GMU)
  • Hydrography and coastal datasets (ISPRA)
  • CEOP water data (JAXA)
  • Satellite chlorophyll data (PML)
 Services and Components
  • Sensor Observation Services (Compusult)
  • Processing service (population) for modeling chains (CIESIN)
  • Visualization tools (CIESIN, CSIRO)
  • Data provenance registries (CSRIO)
  • Community catalog and registered services (EO2Heaven)
  • IP3 broker (EuroGEOSS)
  • Moisture and weather observations WCS (GMU)
  • OPeNDAP service (JAXA)
  • Crop prediction models (Pozzi)

Session Agenda

 Time  Topic  Leader(s)  Presentation  Rapporteur  Notes
 20 minutes    
 Introduction  Brad Lee
   Lieberman / Nativi
 Water Quality Session Notes


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