Air Quality and Health

Notes on the AIP-3 Kickoff Meeting, Frascati, March 11-12, 2010

User Classification for GEOSS: 
  • There is now recognition of multiple user types relevant to GEOSS GCI:
    • Data Providers
    • Data Mediators
    • Data Consumers/Decision Makers
  • There is still confusion on who the users are, e.g.  Air quality managers/analysts/forecasters/modeler.
  • We need a user classification based on their interaction distance from GCI. Data managers and software people are accessing GCI services directly, through the portals or other catalogs. AQ managers are at least two nodes distant from GCI. Therefore, from the point of view of the GCI architecture the key users whose needs need to be satisfied are those who directly interface with GCI. On the other hand the content of the GEOSS resource pool has to respond to the needs of the AQ managers and other 'end users'.
Demonstration of GCI and it's Open Architecture, Benefits of Standardization
  • As part of AIP-2, AQ Community Catalog contains numerous registered, air quality services (as ISO 19115 records) for WMS and WCS data access services.
  • The Compusult GEO Clearinghouse harvested the AQ Community Catalog
  • The Compusult GEO Portal listed services available for 'Air' query and
  • The selected service was was WMS, so it could be displayed in the GEO Portal map viewer and on Google Earth