Session: Health - Air Quality, Disease

Session Leaders

  • Stefan Falke
  • François Marques

Session Topics / Scenarios

  • Air Quality
  • Infectious Disease

Response Summary

Relevant response to this session are listed below.  All AIP-3 responses.
 Primary Participants
 Contributing Participants
  • Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy Topics addressed in Responses (BKG)
  • QA4EO
  • The University of Tokyo-Center for Spatial Information Science
  • EU FP7 project ‘GIGAS’
  • geoland2
  • Compusult
  • International Council of System Engineers (INCOSE) - Model Based System Engineering Working Group
  • ESRI
  • Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) - Columbia University 
  • PML
 Scenarios and Use Cases            
  • Cardiovascular and respiratory diseases caused by air pollution in Dresden, Germany
  • Air-pollution related diseases in Durban (South Africa)
  • Gap in current understanding of the dynamics of cholera and their association with environmental factors in Mozambique
 Data and Metadata
  • Air Quality Index data for the US and parts of Canada
  • GENESI-DR provided data (see GENESI-DR proposal)
  • Near Real Time data measurements. The downloadable data are organized by hours, days and historical series. All Italian Regions are contributing on this project since 2007. From 2006 backward few gaps are presents.
  • DataFed (CAPITA) contributed air quality datasets for surface and remote sensed obs and model data. 
 Services and Components
  • KML, WCS, and WMS for Air Quality Index for US and part of Canada
  • INTAMAP automated interpolation service (WPS)
  • SOS for air quality data in near real-time
  • Client for interactive selection of air quality measurements, on-demand automatic interpolation of these data and portrayal of interpolation results and interpolation error distributions
  • List of available data for monitoring health and environmental relations will be proposed through the creation of a data catalogue to form the basis of a future OGC CS-W Catalog (2011) 
  • geoland2
    • geoland2 “Dataset Series and Services Catalogue”
    • geoland2 CMS Euroland View and Download
    • geoland2 CMS BioPar Discovery and Ordering
    • geoland2 CIS Spatial Planning View
    • Promotional Portal
    • Expert Portal
  • Compusult GEO Portal
  • Web service based on Near Real Time data measurements in Italy.
  • ESRI Geo Portal and Clearinghouse
  • An enhanced Population Estimation Web Processing Service (WPS)
  • An enhanced Web Map Service providing access to a range of widely used SEDAC data layers on population, settlement points, urban extents, intercity roads, and related topics
  • Enhanced CIESIN client interfaces based on the Google MAPS API and OpenLayers
  • Air Quality Community Catalog (possible connection to bullet #5 - list of data)
  • Air Quality uFIND - search interface built on top of USGS Clearinghouse 
  • DataFed WCS and WMS services 
 Architecture and Interoperability Arrangement
  • Further definition of the standards for Web Coverage Services, Web Mapping Services, and other relevant standards adopted by GEO, for the field of air quality.
  • Development of techniques and interoperable tools for a wide variety of data (emissions, satellite, etc.) not currently used as inputs for operational air quality forecasts.
  • UncertML
  • WCS-T to store and serve the generated interpolations for a regular grid
  • Updating the Enterprise, Information and Computational Architecture views
  • Further definition and agreement on Air Quality Community Metadata record 

Session Agenda

 Time  Topic  Leader(s)  Presentation  Rapporteur  Notes
 10 min.
 Overview of AQ: Summary of AIP-2 and stage setting for AIP-3
 Stefan Falke    
 Slides  Josh Lieberman
 Health Session Notes
 10 min.
 Overview of Infectious Disease
 François Marques  Slides    
 35 min.
 5-minute summary from each 'primary' CFP response to AQ/Disease

  François Marques  Notes
 10 min.
summary of 'contributor' responses
 20 min.
 define objectives for AIP-3
 5 min.
 logistics for moving forward

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